Sanjay Samarth


A common Indian, I want to transform India with a Complete Remedy that is thoroughly democratic and focused on making India fully developed in foreseeable future. My solution will address all the existing problems and tackle the upcoming challenges equally deftly. Why the present leadership and the system, despite having everything at its disposal, have not been able to free India from the suffocating miseries and vexatious social and political anomalies will exactly ensure the sweeping success of my initiative. In my scheme of things, I will launch a new political party, raise contemporary issues and bond with people in such a manner that the media will be completely dominated and it will popularize the new party across all sections of society in every nook and corner, gain complete majority in the next general elections, make the governance broad-based and consensus-oriented, make India the global center of commerce and industry ensuring its all pervasive quick and full economic development, remove the barriers on the way to peaceful and progressive neighborly relations, initiate policy steps to integrate India socially, regionally, and linguistically to pave the way for a strong India with sustainable growth, and, last but not the least, make India the crowning glory of the world by showing the path ahead for humanity in scientific research and astronomical explorations. I have a clear and unambiguous idea of the rise of India. I am trying my best with my feeble resources to script a new beginning for India of the future.
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