Dr. Bhushan Mhaiskar


Consulting Physician and Preventive Diabetician and Cardiologist.


Contact No. 09096310070
Email - dr.bhu2050@gmail.com

Professional Summary

Adept medical doctor with eight solid years of ayurvedic practice experience. Dedicated to exemplary patient outcomes and following all necessary medical procedures with the use of the latest industry equipment and technology. Strong focus on listening to and addressing patient concerns and answering all questions in terms patients can easily understand. Willingness to work with all members of the medical team and listen to their suggestions and input to improve results and maximize patient satisfaction. Specialized ayurvedic medicines as a general internist during residency, providing me with knowledge of a range of health issues that impact internal organs.

Proven and effective communication skills with patients, families, and other medical professionals. Leadership abilities to lead and manage practice staff in providing patients with quality care. Highly organized, which allows me to keep appointments, records, and patient details in order. Able to quickly and properly diagnose patient conditions in emergency situations to ensure they receive the treatment they need as soon as possible under controlled conditions. Detailed oriented, which reduces mistakes made in patient treatment, diagnosis, and medication administration.

Work Experience
Family Doctor

    • Diagnose, treat, and prevent various physical injuries and diseases in adults and children.
    • Form and build relationships with patients to make them feel at ease and gain their trust.
    • Refer patients to specialists and prescribe medication or treatment options when necessary.

Attending Doctor

    • Supervised medical students, fellows, and residents.
    • Maintained professorship at the CCIM india Affilated Colleges.
    • Wrote several medical articles that were published in professional journals, and conducted medical research on current internal medicine techniques.
    • Increased new patient intake through recommendations and marketing strategy.

Resident Doctor

    • Conducted physical exams of patients to diagnose illnesses and create patient histories.
    • Interpreted lab information to provide patients with proper treatment.
    • Attended medical conferences to learn how to better treat and connect with patients and become a more well-rounded doctor.
    • Learned how to work with other members of the medical team, including nurses, other physicians, specialists, and anesthesiologists.
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