Safiyyah Patel

Warwickshire,United Kingdom

I started to write as a teenager. Anything I have written, comes from reflections, experiences, observations, imagination, with a direct connection from the within. Life has taught me amongst all things, one thing very valuable and that is that we all have different views on things, and a bigger person would see that we can very easily agree to disagree and maintain a harmony by giving each other one best gift, being non-judgemental, and letting people be themselves, instead of expecting others to be what we want them to be, accept people for who they are.
My main interests are psychology and behaviour analysis, and most of the time I try to look beyond the obvious, the conspicuous. The complexities of these subjects fascinate me. I love interaction in an open and honest fashion, for I believe that interaction, communication is the only thing that can remove misconceptions, differences. 
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