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Dr. Asma Fathima is into teaching since 17 years. She is currently working as Assistant Professor and HOD English at Abbas Khan Degree College for Women. She has pursued her MA in English from Mysore University, and PhD in English from REVA University, Bengaluru, India. She has published nearly 15 papers in UG Care and Scopus at various National, International Journals and Conferences and participated in more than 40 Seminars and Workshops. 

To mention a few: 

Two Day International Conference on Emerging Revolutionary Advancements in English Language Teaching (ERA-ELT) in absentia on the topic, “Multifaceted Role Played by a Teacher” on 17 th & 18th Feb. 2017 at Rathinam College of Arts and Science, Coimbatore, India.
“A Paradigm Shift of Approach to Life in the novel of Preety Shenoy- Life Is What You Make It” on 17 Feb 2018 at Maharani’s Arts, Commerce and Science College, Bengaluru, India.
Publications in Journals and Conferences:

“Nationalism in the Wake of Violence in Tahmima Anam’s A Golden Age,” Veda’s Journal of English Language and Literature (JOELL)” An International Peer Reviewed Journal, pp. (294-298), 2017- 2018, ISSN- 2349- 9753.
(PDF) Nationalism in the wake of violence in Tahmima Anam's A Golden Age (researchgate.net)

“Deconstructing ‘Marriage’ Novels of Monica Ali and Tahmima Anam,” MUSE INDIA, MI 85 (May-Jun 2019), ISSN: 0975-1815.
“Push and Breathe –A Feminine Way to Tackle Violence and Trauma in the Selected Novels of Tahmima Anam and Monica Ali,” Journal of XI’AN University of Architecture and Technology, Volume XII, Issue IV, pp. (655-664), Apr. 2020, ISSN-7021-2008.

 “The Unheard Voices of War and Trauma in the Select novels of Tahmima Anam and Monica Ali,” Towards Excellence- An Index Refereed & Peer- reviewed Journal of Higher Education, Jun. 2021. Vol.13. Issue No.2, pp. (256-264), ISSN No.0974-035X.
https://www.researchgate.net/publication/357649415_THE_UNHEARD_VOICES_ OF_WAR_AND_TRAUMA_IN_THE_SELECT_NOVELS_

“Issues and Challenges of Accommodation and Resettlement in the 'New Nation;’ A Study of the Select Novels of Monica Ali” International Conference on Language Culture and Digital Media: Emerging Trends and Challenges, Amity University, M.P., 21 Jan. 2021.
“Women, the ‘Warriors and Nation-Groomers;’ an Ideal Gender Identity in the Novels of Tahmima Anam and Monica Ali,” The Indian Society for the Promotion of English Language and Literature (Ispell) & Liverpool John Moores University, Liverpool, England, 30 & 31 August 2021.
Shodhganga@INFLIBNET: Violence Women and Trauma in the Selected Novels of Tahmima Anam and Monica Ali. 
Almost all her papers are available online. 

Her topic for Ph.D. research was "Violence, Women and Trauma in the Novels of Tahmima Anam and Monica Ali." Available at: Shodhganga@INFLIBNET: Violence Women and Trauma in the Selected Novels of Tahmima Anam and Monica Ali. 

The research covered vast dimension giving a broad analysis into War Liberation 1971 Bangladesh. Violence of various forms incorporating theories reflecting the idea connecting feminine sex and the emerging identity of women characters was presented. She defended her Thesis by representing women characters as saviour and nation builders although during war times they had agonies endured and lived through those moments. A  reconstruction of identity as a warrior seem to have been displayed through the chosen texts.  An outcome of the study covers historic facts delineating socio-political interference of the Post-war and the liberation 1971 Bangladesh. A comprehensive understanding of expats’ life as multicultural identities has been explored in detail. Overall the research contributes to add a new dimension to life free from conflicts.

She has also published book reviews in MUSE India publications in 2021. The book title is "Ignite Your Inner Power: The Art of Mindful living/ Personality develpoment" Preeti Pathak, Vishwakarma Publications (April 2021) ISBN-10: 939086951X ISBN. 13: 978-9390869510, pp 243. The latest in her reading interest is Karamat Ali Karamat's - "God Particles and other Poems," published at boloji.com.
She has recently been conferred with an award by INSC Institute of Scholars as Young Researcher Award for the year 2023 for one of her research papers, "Push and Breathe" - A Feminine Way to Tackle Violence and Trauma in the Selected Novels of Tahmima Anam and Monica Ali, and had received certificates of recognition as reviewer and a member with a professional Id. She has also been the textbook committee member for BCA Text Book titled, Lingua Franca for all four semesters from 2021 - 2023 BCU  and had set question papers consistently since 2019.

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