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As I Know: The Lord of the Mountains – Shiv Purana: 62

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Kamadeva appears before lord Indra, understands the anxieties of the lord of heavens, and assures of possible help – Indra tells of earlier defeat and not a very worthy status now – for it is on Brahma’s intervention that Taraka gives back land and so fears continue – and therefore, goes to mountains of Himalaya with a mission

When Indra remembered the lord of love Kamadeva, he immediately appeared before him. Indra emphasised the value of dharma and said, “O dear friend, because of the bad effect of times, sufferings incurable assail and give trouble. None can help me. Only you can take me out of the present miseries. You are a wise lord. You know that a man of charity you recognise only during times of famine. It is the test of strength and gallantry of a warrior. The qualities of physical and mental powers are on trial in wartimes. Times of crisis and sufferings prove depth of friendship. A woman is under scrutiny when her man turns bankrupt because of certain social, physical or financial reasons. O dear friend, one puts on tryout, the virtues of humility and modesty during times of emergency. Truth and genuine love reveal strength in difficult times.”

He added humbly, “O friend, I face a catastrophic situation. None can find an appropriate solution to miseries. Therefore, it is a trial of friendship. It is an excellent work and will give solace and comforts not to me only but will also help all the created beings and the gods of heavens, no doubt.”

Kamadeva smiled, looked at Indra and then, appeared serious. After a moment, he said affectionately, “O lord of gods, why do you say so? I did not answer what you asked. I make a prayer. Who is a generous friend? Who is artificial and fake? It is a matter of scrutiny. It needs no words. What a man can do, who talks much during times of crisis. Even then, O friend, whatever I say, listen. Whoever is engaged in severe tapa with intent to usurp status of Indra, will not succeed. I will disturb forever if he meditates. A man, who undertakes a specific work, should do and complete it. Therefore, you leave it to me.” Kamadeva confidently assured Indra.

After Indra heard inspiring response of Kamadeva, he was greatly pleased. He saluted Kamadeva as if he were pleasing a woman in love. Nonetheless, with modesty, he appeared to have attained the purpose.

Indra threw a smile of satisfaction, and said, “O dear Kamadeva, whatever the objective I nurture in mind, I am sure, only you can help to achieve the purpose with perfection. It is impossible for any other person. O friend, whatever I have in mind, I told you and I wish wholehearted support. Now, I reveal the truth.” He was silent but it appeared he thought deeply over the entire tale of sufferings.

After a few moments, he said, “Taraka is a mighty asura. Surprisingly, pleased with asura’s devotion and penance, Supreme Brahma blessed him with amazing boons long back and therefore, he is impregnable. As a result, he gives troubles to all. He causes suffering to living beings of the world. He destroys the roots of dharma continually. All gods and sages are in anguish. Gods in earlier ages mustered up courage, and then gathered available forces and so were engaged in a lethal war but all astras-sastras of gods proved futile. The lord of water Varuna’s weapon pash, was broken.” He was silent, and probably thought over the previous war where gods had lost miserably.

After some time, he resumed, “O Kamadeva, even the deadly Sudarshan chakra (disc – a rotating weapon) did no harm. Sri Vishnu released disc at the throat of the daitya but it was blunted.”

He stopped, remembered something and said, “O lord of love, Supreme Brahma and the lord of all yogas told Taraka that he would die at the hands of a child, who would take birth out of the seed of lord Shiva. Therefore, O Kamadeva, you carry out the work with precision and strenuous efforts.”

Indra continued in soft, low and pleasing voice and tried to convince the lord of Love, “O friend, if it is done properly it will give happiness and immense reprieve to gods. Now, lord Sambhu is engaged in an austere tapa in the mountains of Himalaya. He is our god. He is not attracted toward passions and love. He is free and is the lord of gods. I heard that goddess Sati with two friends is presently serving Shiva dedicatedly after she sought permission from father Himvana (Daksa). Goddess Sati is working with the sacred objective so that she gets lord Shiva as husband. However, lord Shiva keeps mind and passion under restrain and so she cannot attract the lord easily. O dear friend, whatever you have to do, please do, so that a divine beauty Sati is able to captivate lord Shiva and he begins to evince interest in her beauty, charm and divinity. If you do, the gods of heavens will bless you, for all the gods will get rid of their present sufferings. Not only this, your glory will spread over the entire universe.”

Kamadeva was extremely pleased to hear heartening words from Indra. He beamed with glee and said, “I shall finish the work. Do not doubt.”

When he said, he was obviously under the shadow of the delusory powers of Shiva and it was destined to happen. Even the gods and the celestial beings also work under several definite designs Supreme Lord determines and therefore, one must understand that some kind of delusion continues to decide what a created being ought to do and where to stop.

Kamadeva took upon the responsibility of fulfilling the assigned job and he, with spouse Rati and another friend spring, a skillful power to create passions in the hearts of living beings, decided to go to the mountains of Himalaya where Shiva was engaged in austere tapa.

Surprising it is. One observes that even the lord of gods undergoes the test of times. All powers and living beings in the universe are subject to certain disciplines. Each one is to follow the rules of life enshrined in dharma and get strength out of relentless tapa and penance. If anyone feels encouraged to embark upon a path against the laws of dharma and works against truth and righteousness, he definitely faces ignominy and collapse. The gods of heavens and created beings including daityas and human beings are destined to live and pursue instructions of Supreme Lord. It is a question of belief. However, a man is destined to live in conflicts, anguish and a little bit of joy, even while fantasies and illusions determine the path he walks on…A man of science is puzzled when he confronts questions regarding location and origin of air, water, earth, fire and sky and the questions need cogent answers.

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