Shiva Purana: Rudra Samhita: Parvati - 7

As I Know: The Lord of the Mountains – Shiv Purana: 63

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Kamadeva arrives at the place where Shiva is engaged in harsh penance and disturbs tapa but fails. Shiva is angry and reduces the lord of love to ashes with the blazing ferocity

The three arrived at the place where lord Shiva was undergoing penance. Kamadeva had assured Indra and therefore, without hesitation and loss of time, had reached place of tapa of Shiva. He looked at Rati and ‘the spring’ and deliberated. He considered the situation warily and reached a resolution. He released sharp and magical arrows of love and passion at Shiva undergoing austere penance. The moment, the arrows of passion hit Shiva, feelings of passions disturbed and very soon the divine beauty of goddess Parvati captivated. Earlier restrain on feelings of love and passion started dwindling and it caused genuine worries in the mind of Shiva. He was genuinely astonished at the measured draining out of control over senses, and therefore, arousal of passions caused anxiety. Spring also created fascinating weather conditions that aroused passions and love.

Shiva thought over the unusual phenomenon.

He thought loudly within, “I was engaged in a severe and great tapa. How did obstacles creep in? Who is the evil soul? Who stimulates disturbing emotions of passion?” Contemplating thus, the great refuge of holy souls and sages, supreme lord Shiva filled with suspicions and uncertainties, looked around to fathom the subtle reasons of unique and unexpected but dangerous occurrence. He observed Kamadeva standing on the left side with bow and arrows, and appeared ready to release more weapons of love and passion. Kamadeva was full of pride and arrogance, and desired to hit Shiva with ferocity. However, Shiva was angry and looked at Kamadeva. He was furious now, for the lord of love had created disturbance.

On the other hand, Kamadeva did not think for a moment. He attacked Shiva with the lethal and infallible arrows of love and passion. It was fierce and was difficult for anyone to escape. However, the dreadful attack did no harm to Shiva as the vehemence of passionate assault calmed down the moment it touched the body of Shiva. When the arrows of love did not affect the great lord, it caused fears and anxiety in the mind of Kamadeva. He trembled with fear when he saw incensed face of Shiva and so in fears quite apparent, he began to remember Indra and gods.

It was quite natural for Kamadeva to get disturbed, as his efforts to violate tapa of Shiva had failed. As he remembered all the gods including Indra out of fear of death, the gods appeared, bowed reverentially and praised Shiva. They visualised the danger inherent in the act of lord of love and the decree of Indra.

The gods admired the great god profusely, and at that time, a terrible fiery flame originated from the Third Eye of the lord situated in the midpoint of forehead and spread terror as many deadly flames began to rise high. The blazing cluster of fire seemed ominously lethal, appeared to destroy everything, and thus, created a frightful scenario. The aura of fire appeared as if fire of annihilation. Raging fire jumped up, rose, and then, fell on the ground. Then, it rotated around itself and collapsed.

Now, the gods were terrified and they began to cry loudly, “O god, forgive us. Forgive us O god.” The praying words echoed in the air. Unfortunately, before one could hear, the most deadly fire rushed fast and reduced Kamadeva to ashes.

A great warrior of gods was dead and the tragic incident sent shock waves among the gods, who appeared grief-stricken. They were nervous, and in fear thought deeply and said, “O god, what happened?” Thereafter, they sobbed, cried and bemoaned over the unfortunate death of Kamadeva.

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