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Goddess Shiva (Parvati) realises the failure of devotion. As Rati bemoans the death of husband, gods plead before the lord to bless Kamadeva and reveal the truth

At that time, the love of lord Shiva assailed Parvati severely. Intensity of passion smote goddess deeply and so she lost glow and brilliance. She realised the failure of a great mission where she wanted to become lord’s consort. She had served the great lord with devotion for a long time and now, a treacherous and deadly act of Kamadeva had nullified all efforts. She went back to the palace along with friends. On the other hand, Rati collapsed and was unconscious when she witnessed the tragic end of Kamadeva whom the blazing anger of Shiva had reduced to ashes.

Aggrieved deeply over the death of Kamadeva it appeared for a while as if she were dead. After some time, she regained consciousness, appeared quite troubled and apologetic and therefore, genuinely expressed angst and distress. She bewailed and sobbed but found none to console.

After a great deal of restraint, she said, “O god, what should I do? I am lost. Where should I go? What gods have done? They called my unguarded husband and so he met destruction and death. He did not think for a moment before agreeing to what the great gods desired. I am lost. O dear husband, O life, you always gave love and comforts to me. What happened?”

Rati was distressed and penitent. She lamented, murmured in grief and pain, and then rolled on the ground, continued to do it and later, struck the earth with hands and feet. With disheveled hair and utter anguish, she began to uproot hair of the head. When she cried loudly out of agony and pain all the living beings of the forest, trees, plants, birds and animals suffered deeply. It was an unbearable scenario.

Indra and the gods looked at tormented and distressed Rati, remembered lord Mahadeva, assured Rati, and therefore, Indra said, “O Rati, take a pinch of ashes of the body of Kamadeva, keep it safe cautiously, and do not fear. Shiva is the lord of all, and I believe, he would definitely bestow life on the lord of Love. Kamadeva will live again and you will get back him very soon. None can cause sufferings or comforts to anyone in the world. All living beings get fruit of karmas. You unnecessarily grieve over the death of Kamadeva and so, do not try to attribute death to gods.”After assuring Rati, all the gods appeared before Shiva and spoke with feelings of devotion to please the lord.

They said, “O lord, please listen. O Sankara, reconsider and think over the karma of the lord of love in right perspective. O lord Maheshwara, whatever the lord of love did, it was not self-interest. He did everything on the request of gods. A dreadful and sinful daitya Taraka gives troubles to the living creatures and the celestial beings, and as a result, gods suffer because of daitya’s violent and vicious deeds and therefore, to find out the right solution we requested Kamadeva to disturb you, O lord. O great swamy, please do not take it otherwise.”

After a few minutes, they said again, “O generous god, the great virtuous woman Rati is extremely anguished at the death of husband Kamadeva. Please console and give relief. O lord Sankara, if you killed Kamadeva in anger and fury, then we only understand that you wish to destroy all created beings and the gods of heavens. When the gods of heavens observe the sufferings of Rati, they are almost dead it appears. Therefore, you dispel fears and take her out of agony and pain.”

Shiva was happy when he heard prayers of gods and thereafter, revealed the birth of Krishna sometime in future.

He smiled and said, “O gods and sages, please listen to reverently. Whatever occurred was out of anger and rage. It cannot happen elsewhere. Despite this, Kamadeva shall live without body for some time until the lord of Rukmani is not born on earth as an incarnation. While he lives in Dwaraka, Krishna will produce sons through queens, and then Rukmani will give birth to Kamadeva through lord Krishna whom people will call Pradyumana. You do not doubt it. Immediately, after the birth of the child, the lord of demons Sambara will kidnap the newly born child and thereafter, he will throw the newly born into the sea and return to the capital. The fool will consider the child as dead and so will become fearless sans worries. A prophecy earlier had revealed that a child born out of the womb of Rukmini would destroy Sambara.” The Supreme designed the destiny of every created being and awarded or penalised depending upon the quality of karmas, tapa and meditation.

Shiva tried to explain the sequence of events, which would ultimately give birth to Kamadeva in life next.

Shiva said, “O Rati, until then you live at leisure in the town of Sambarasura without any fear or doubt. You shall get back your husband Kamadeva in the capital of the demon. He will be Pradyumana. Your husband in connivance with you would kill the demon and thereafter, you will live happily. O gods, the truth I share with you, will materialise in future.”

 The gods were very much happy and satisfied. They bowed, saluted and said with folded hands, “O lord of gods Mahadeva, you are an ocean of compassion. O lord, please bestow life on Kamadeva and save Rati’s life.”

Lord was pleased as the gods of heavens praised modestly.

He said, “O gods, I am very happy. I give life back to Kamadeva and therefore, he will live in the hearts of everyone. He shall be one of the ganas and wander about in leisure and joy. Now, you go back and I shall destroy miseries and agonies.”

The gods of heavens continued to praise Shiva and as they eulogised, the lord disappeared. Thus, the lord dispelled amazement and wonder of gods and everyone was happy. Gods apprised Rati of the intent and resolve of Shiva and after that, all the gods went to their respective abodes. As guided, Rati went to the city of Sambara and waited for the arrival of her husband, who was to take birth from the womb of queen Rukmani.

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