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As I Know: The Lord of the Mountains – Shiv Purana: 65

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Divine fire coming out of the Third Eye of Shiva spreads still and therefore, the gods appear before Brahma – the fire turns into a horse and the Sea appears as a divine man…on request of Brahma, the Sea absorbs the ‘fiery horse’

Anger of Shiva was uncontainable. The divine fire originating from the Third Eye of Shiva had already reduced Kamadeva to ashes. Left with no specific purpose to keep blazing it continued to spread everywhere and thus, fears of reducing everything to ashes appeared quite certain. It created panic among the animate beings, who also visualised the end of inanimate creation of god in the three worlds and consequently, the created beings heard tremendous noise and clamour in every corner of the universe.

Fearing total annihilation of the universe, all the sages and the gods of heavens approached Supreme Brahma and took shelter at his feet. They stood with bowed heads and folded hands before the Supreme lord. For a while, they continued to sing glories of the lord and praised him immensely. Afterward, the gods explained the cause of worries and sufferings. Brahma thought of Shiva and came to know about the purpose behind the sufferings.

Thereafter, the fire emerging out of the Third Eye split into many terribly blazing flames, which were ready to burn anything. As Brahma enjoyed blessings of Shiva, he very soon transformed the entire dazzling light and fiery ferocity eager to devour the three worlds, into a marvelous ‘horse’ and the unexpected act surprised everyone. Now, from the mouth of the ‘wonder-horse,’ a gentle glow took shape. Brahma carried the amazing fire in the shape of horse to the seashore. He did it in the interest of created beings and for the wellbeing of the populace. Brahma, the Supreme lord also knew that Shiva also wanted to shield created beings from further torture.

Again, another startling incident took place. When Brahma carried the astonishing ‘fiery horse’ to the seashore, the great sea appeared before Supreme Brahma in the figure of a divine man with folded hands.

The sea in the guise of ‘a divine man’ praised Brahma eloquently and religiously. After earnest eulogies, ‘the Sea (sindhu)’, said delightedly, “O Supreme lord of gods, O Brahma, why did you come here? Please consider me a servant and kindly reveal whatever you cherish in mind.”

The Supreme Brahma again deliberated upon Shiva, and thought of the welfare and security of the created beings and the universe and then, said happily, “O father Sindhu, you are very wise and always think about the wellbeing of the three worlds. I say and pray as Shiva has inspired and so, I am deeply concerned about what I say on lord’s instructions. ‘The divine fiery horse’ is the image of the terrifying anger of Shiva. Yes, here you see …he appears in the shape of a ‘horse.’ The fire destroyed Kamadeva and after reducing him to ashes, it was ready to consume the entire universe. The gods of heavens were extremely afraid of the imminent devastation and therefore, they came to me. Shiva desired and so, I stilled ‘the fire’ and it took shape of ‘a divine horse.” Brahma stopped for a few moments.

After a pause, he resumed, “As the dreadful fire took shape of a horse, I brought it here. O great Sindhu, the foundation of water, take pity on the universe and with a feeling of compassion, I ask you to absorb and adorn ‘the divine fire’ with the body of a Vadavanala (horse), who stands before you even while fiery-flames emerge out from the mouth. You keep it with you until the day of final annihilation. O lord of rivers, when I arrive and reside here, then you should release extreme anger in the body of horse of Shiva. Your water will be its daily food. Please take precautions that you adorn it diligently and with strenuous efforts beautify it so that it does not go deep down and stir the unfathomable vast mass of water.”

The great sea agreed to obey the commands of Brahma and was ready to absorb ‘the fiery horse,’ which was difficult for any other divine being to do. Thereafter, ‘the fiery horse’ entered the vast ocean and began to burn the vast sea with its many fiery conflagrations. After the horse entered the water of the great Sindhu, Brahma looked self-assured, and was free from any worry. ‘The divine man’ saluted Brahma and disappeared. So, he returned to Brahma-loka, the holy abode of Supreme Brahma. Thus, the entire universe and the gods of heavens felt relieved and began to live life peacefully without danger to life and property.

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