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Goddess Parvati is worried and impatient when in anger lord Shiva reduces the lord of love to ashes, for it delayed the objective…how to please the lord disturbs her and even Himvana comforting words do not help

Anxiety and uncertainty of goddess Parvati increased every moment. When the fire of anger of Shiva burned down the lord of love Kamadeva, a wonderful voice echoed in the entire firmament. Parvati and friends were nervous as strange and unusual sounds instilled fears in the minds, and therefore, without loss of time, they returned to the palace. The king of Himalaya, Himavana also heard wonderful echoes in the sky, and was astonished. He remembered daughter Sati and felt sad and unhappy as security of a daughter distressed. In the meantime, he saw Parvati coming to the palace. Parvati wept and lamented, for anguish of parting from Shiva was unbearable.

Himavana observed Sati’s anguish and sufferings, and it shocked and disillusioned him. He instantly rushed to console. He wiped out Sati’s tears and said affectionately, “O dear Shivei, do not fear. Do not weep.” After reassuring, Himavana lifted her in arms, reassured and thereafter, brought her to the palace.

The cause of sufferings of Parvati was obvious. After reducing Kamadeva to ashes, Shiva had disappeared. Feelings of separation disturbed Parvati, for she had served him with devotion. Now, she was unable to get comforts and peace anywhere. After father Himavana soothed feelings of agonies fondly, she went to the palace of mother queen. Warm embrace and loving words from mother encouraged Parvati to think that it was another birth as if and she had not lost anything.

She grieved over tearfully, condemned beauty and youth she had, and said, “O ma, I am dead.”

Even when her friends tried to explain and made efforts to prevail upon her to understand the turn of events after the violation of tapa of Shiva and burning of Kamadeva she failed to comprehend the truth. It was possible she behaved like an ordinary person. ‘Everyone performs karma as per the will and dictates of the Supreme Lord’ she tried to understand.

Parvati never enjoyed a moment of relief and comfort, for she was dejected and sad. Absence of Shiva was unbearable. She never felt a moment of joy and comfort while she lived away from Shiva. Even when engaged in obligatory duties, she did not enjoy.

She often lamented and said, “I am ashamed of my beauty, karma and birth.” Therefore, she uttered many plaintive and grief-stricken words and decided to meditate on Shiva. True, goddess Parvati felt the misery of separation from Shiva but was unable to find an apt solution. It was inexplicable and beyond words and later on, she reflected on Shiva and decided to engage in japa (chanting and incantation of name and mantra of Shiva).

Though she lived in the palace of Himavana yet she was with Shiva in thoughts, and continuously meditated while Himavana, Menaka, Manaika and brothers often visited Parvati and tried to comfort and appease. However, goddess Parvati could never forget Shiva. Devotion and love for Shiva increased each day even as the union with the lord receded further each time.

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