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Birth of Nandi-a child of wonderful spiritual and intellectual wisdom and the monk notices glowing fire and the sun, an image of Rudra…the monk speaks of anguish perhaps on the thought of imminent death…and the child tells to concentrate on Shiva

People consider Shiva a lord of many yajnas and think he is one of the most learned lords of yajna.

After sometime, Shiva thought of organising a great yajna and therefore, tilled a piece of measured land for holding yajna. Even before the beginning of yajna, Nandi was born out of the body of Shiva. At that time, the aura of Nandi appeared an eternal fire. It filled all directions and regions of the three worlds with joy and delight. Monk Shilaada was immensely happy at an eventful occurrence. People and devotees praised profusely. Shilaada saw a child, who appeared as a dazzling sun, and as terrific as fire, blazing and full of light. The child had three eyes, four arms and appeared self-illumined. He was armoured and carried various weapons. Shilaada saw an image of Rudra in him and so was happy to see a divine child.

After saluting the child, Shilaada said, “O lord, you delighted me. You appeared as Nandi and blessed. Therefore, I salute you O lord of the universe, an embodiment of ecstasy.”

A great moment of gratification, bliss and enjoyment as if it was. It was time for the bliss and contentment for a poor man, who gets unlimited wealth. When an eager father got a child, he was very contented and thereafter, prayed religiously before Mahadeva and thereafter, took the child immediately to paransala, a cottage of leaves and grass.

When the child arrived at the cottage of Shilaada, it was a great occasion of celebrations. The child abandoned body and transformed ‘the self’ into a figure of a man. Now, monk Shilaada performed ceremonies essential at the time of birth but ensured that he continued to adhere to the dictates of scriptures. Later, in the fifth year of the child known as Nandi, the learned monk initiated the divine child to the study of the Vedas and Holy Scriptures. Nandi was now engaged in inexorable and difficult study of religious books as monk Shilaada guided and directed. It astonishes when one thinks of the wonderful intellectual and spiritual level of a child, who learnt everything at such a tender age.

When the child completed seventh year, Mitra and Varuna, on instructions from Shiva arrived at the ashrama of Shilaada to see the child. Monk Shilaada greeted the lords reverentially. After they took seats, they sat satisfied and expressed pleasure at the welcome they received at the hands of the monk. They looked at the child quite often because the beauty and wisdom of the child charmed.

Nandi’s wisdom captivated sages at the ashrama but they were immensely amazed at the exceptional magnitude of child’s intellect and spiritual talent. However, despite colossal dimensions of child’s intellect, it was a cause of anguish to the monk. The sages were amazed at the terrific caliber of the little monk. He read the mind of sages who looked at the child intently and deliberated deeply.

After some time, the great mahatmas said to Shilaada, “O holy Shilaada, though Nandi wields profound knowledge of Holy Scriptures and is the most learned man on earth yet he is small and young in age. We thought over many aspects of the phenomenal incidence but find that the age is not more than a year.”

The opinion of the great monks was not very comfortable. Monk Shilaada perhaps did not appreciate but he never spoke of the reasons of apparent sorrow. That he was only a year old child, surprised. In an emotional surge, he lifted the child, hugged him tightly and out of agony unspeakable, wept frenziedly.

When Nandi saw father on the ground sobbing intensely, he thought of the holy feet of Shiva and asked Shilaada joyfully, “O dear father, what is the cause of suffering? I find your entire body trembles and you continue to lament and weep immensely. Why do you suffer from pain and torture? How do you carry the anguish? What are the reasons that you undergo deep and insightful desolation silently? I want to know everything correctly in detail.” Nandi asked but major questions waited for an answer. Nandi’s way of asking questions did not give vent to any pain or sorrow but exhibited sway of enigma of life and existence, and influence of sacred books. He knew the cause of suffering and its truth.

Shilaada said, “O son, I am pained to hear that you are young in age. You tell… who can deliver me from sufferings. I ought to seek shelter at lord’s feet.”

Nandi said, “O father, I say on oath that whatever I speak is the eternal truth. Even if all gods, demons, Yama, time and creative beings unite into a single force and yearn to kill me, even then, they will fail. I shall not die during childhood. Therefore, you do not worry.”

Monk heard firm assurance from the child, thought and after a moment said, “O dear son, what kind of tapa you underwent? What knowledge, yoga and richness did you attain? With what power you wish to destroy anguish I suffer.”

Nandi said, “O father, I shall not cure agony through tapa or with the strength of knowledge. I would sing hymns in the glory of lord Shiva and would win over the possible scare and fear foreseeable that death creates. I do not have any other solution.”

Thereafter, the great child monk bowed before monk Shilaada, saluted him and proceeded to the forest.

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