Shiva Purana: Uma Samhita - 1

As I Know: The Lord of the Mountains – Shiv Purana: 113

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On the counsel of sage Upmanyu, Krishna decides to undergo intense tapa with a desire to have son, pleases the lord…the lord blesses him.

The sages were extremely indebted to sage Suta, the wisest disciple of sage Vyasa, who spoke elaborately about the virtues of lord Shiva. Shiva creates the world when he takes refuge under the influence of rajas gunas, while the qualities of sattva in Shiva take care and preserve the seven worlds. When the lord is the destroyer, tamas gunas overwhelm, Suta had told the sages. At the time of creation, he is Brahma and as Vishnu, he preserves and is Rudra when annihilation is inevitable and so devotees ought to concentrate on the lord, the embodiment of three gunas – sattva, rajas and tamas. Sages heard Shiva’s glory and now, wished to know the character of Saamb Sadashiva as contained in Uma Samhita.

Ages back, with an earnest desire of a son, Sri Krishna went to Mountain Himavana, met sage Upmanyu, and on his advice undertook severe meditation, and pleased lord Shiva, who appeared with Parvati, Kartikeya and Ganesha and blessed him and thereafter, told, “Whatever wish you nursed will be fulfilled. A mighty and powerful son Saamba will take birth.”

He further said, “Once, sages had issued a curse and therefore, Surya is yet to take birth in the yoni of man and when he takes birth, he would be your son. You may ask for more boons and blessings as you wish.”

Suta continued and recalled words of Sanatkumara. Shiva blessed Krishna in many ways, and very much delighted at the boons Shiva conferred, Vasudeva praised the lord immensely and fully satisfied him. Parvati was greatly happy at Krishna, a devotee of Shiva. She told Krishna that she was satisfied with him, and asked him for divine sanction and boons. Krishna was very happy and prayed before the goddess that he should never harbour hatred or jealousy for brahmins and continue to worship them. He wanted that parents should be happy with him and that he should have love for all created beings. He also prayed for the righteous and virtuous children and further said, “I want to organise yajnas so that I satisfy Indra and gods. I also wish to revere, serve and feed many sanyasis and guests who appear at the door. I want that I should continue to love relations and live a contended life.”

Goddess Parvati was happy, blessed him and thereafter, they disappeared. Later, Krishna narrated the sequence of events to monk Upmanyu, who advised him to keep in mind the great lord, for there was none who was better than lord Shiva in acts of charity and blessings, meditation, acts of grandeur and eternal stability. After glorifying Shiva in many words, he asked him to continue to listen to the divine glory of the lord. Later, Krishna returned to Dwarka.

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