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If we turn away in fear or hesitation and not stand up for what we believe to be true, it is not modesty, but self betrayal.

Apart from the Nehru clan, apart from the self-seeking politicians from some political parties and a few film stars from Bollywood, no one else in India is interested in talking about the fraudulent concept of the so called 'Composite Culture'. The purpose of promoting the concept of 'composite culture' in India is simple, it is that all the dumb Hindus of India in majority should accept Islamic and to some extent Christian culture also as part of our own culture and yet the others are under no obligation to treat Hindu culture as part of their culture. It is the duty of the Hindu majority to view Muslim culture and Christian culture as part of their culture. The minorities have the inalienable right to dismiss all aspects of majority Hindu culture as communal, non-secular and saffronized!! And all the official agencies of the government in India will go out of their way to uphold this cultural right of the minority groups.

In other words, Swami Dayanand Saraswati, Sri Ramakrishna Parahamsa, Swami Vivekananda, Sri Aurobindo, Sri Ramana Maharishi and such others are non-secular, communal and saffronized. All the Mullahs and Imams, all the Bishops and the Archbishops are secular, non-communal and non-saffronized, ever green or ever white as the case may be.

The ground level reality, however, is just the reverse. Even after a thousand years of so-called now hot-war, now cold-war co-existence, Hindu and Islamic cultures have not only remained parallel cultures but have also come in conflict on every conceivable point century after century after 1000 AD. Abhas Chatterjee rightly observes: "In matters physical or spiritual, of principle or of practice, on every point sublime or trivial, the two cultures have remained as un-blended as oil and water. Islamic culture was brought to this country by barbaric invaders and tried relentlessly for a thousand years to extirpate the national Hindu culture. For us, therefore, it is nothing short of an enemy culture, a parasitic culture. It is also a bitter truth that there are fundamental differences between the two cultures; their premises and ethos are so antithetical to each other that they can never become composite in any foreseeable future."

I do concede that in almost every country in the world there would be some cultural interaction with neighboring countries or other countries and where one can see or find fragments of certain alien cultures. For example, in the border areas of France on the South-west, we have traces of Spanish culture. Likewise, in the North-eastern areas of Spain, we have traces of French culture. But this does not destroy the essential character and substance of either national Spanish culture or national French culture. We have not had Prime Ministers and politicians at the highest levels of governance in Spain or France proclaiming to their countrymen, your culture is non-existent and that you should worry about the survival of the culture of our great and compassionate 'secular' neighbor. Unfortunately, it is this type of fraud which has been practiced by the Congress party during the last 60 years with disastrous consequences for national unity and national consciousness.

I do concede that some Muslims in India have taken to Hindu music or Muslim Rulers have left some buildings or innate religious liberalism has inspired Hindus in some parts of India to pay obeisance to the tombs of Muslim Fakirs in some places. These spectacular instances can hardly make our national culture composite. Yet, this is the fare on which we have raised the fraudulent superstructure of our 'secularism' in India by amending the Indian Constitution as and when we wanted it in order to create and promote a false notion of nationhood founded on the airy political nothing of pseudo-secularism. The foundation of the pseudo-secularism is not composite culture but only minority communal vote bank politics!

What has been the known Islamic perception of this so-called 'composite culture'? We have irrefutable documentary evidence relating to the views of all the Muslim theologians of India from the 18th century onwards. Shah Waliullah in the 18th century, Shariathullah, Syed Ahmed Barelvi, Abdul Aziz, Titu Mir, etc in the 19th century, and Mohammed Iqbal, Maulana Maudoodi and others in the 20th century have all categorically stated what I have stated above. None of these worthies ever accepted that Muslims and Hindus of India together make one nation or that our culture is a composite one. All of them have consistently emphasized that in India Muslims have a separate nationality (Qaum, Awam) and a separate culture. And frankly, if you ask me, if I had been a Muslim, I too would have never accepted that my nationality and culture are the same as that of non-Muslims in India. If I were a true and devout Muslim, I would myself declare that the Holy Quran itself firmly rejects such an idea. As per the Quran, the Muslims by themselves constitute a separate nation, the Ummah, a person within the fold of Kafir (every non-Muslim) can never be a part of the 'Ummah'.

Kafirs, the practitioners of 'Kufr', are also of two categories in the eyes of Islam, the 'Zimmis' and the 'Mushriks'. Jews and Christians who are 'Kitabis' (the people with a revealed book) are regarded as 'zimmis'. The 'Zimmis' can live in an Islamic State provided they pay the poll-tax ('Jizyah') and renounce all public life. Twenty (20) degrading conditions are imposed on them in exchange for the favor of the right to live. They are reduced to third grade or fourth grade citizens. The 'Mushriks', the idol worshippers like the Hindus, have no right to exist. For them, the only choice is between Islam and death. As per the Quran, we Hindus come under this category of 'Mushriks', whom the Holy Book does not even grant the right to live. According to the Quran, this land of ours is 'Jahiliyyah' - A Land of Darkness.

Against this clear and telling background, it should be clear to anyone that the concept of a composite nation 'secularly' combining Hindus and Muslims is false to the core. But all our national affairs have been conducted on the basis of this premise. To sustain this fundamental untruth, all the governmental agencies are forced to resort to other planted or chosen untruths. It is well known that Bangladeshi Muslims are infiltrating into Assam, Bengal, Bihar and other parts of India in millions, but you cannot say that the infiltrators are Muslims.

In Kashmir, Muslims are waging a jihad and tyrannizing the entire Hindu population, driving them out of the valley. And yet, you have to say that the strife in Kashmir is not communal, it is only a battle for Kashmiriyat! When Muslim terrorists carry out bomb explosions in Hindu places of worship you have to say that it is the handy work of Pakistanis or underworld dons. Most communal riots in India are started by the Muslims quite frequently. You have to say that there is a clash, between two groups of people and avoid mentioning as to who started the carnage and whenever and wherever possible to blame the Hindus with full governmental benediction.

David Frawley, better known as Vamadeva Shastri, in his brilliant book 'Arise Arjuna' rightly states as follows: "However, for this to occur, India must undergo a radical change. India today does not represent the soul of India but only its shadow. It is inexcusable for the land of the Rishis to be filled with such corruption, ignorance and servility as pervades the country today. Those who know the true spiritual greatness of India can only be shocked and disheartened to see the state of the country."

Let India awaken and for this the true spirit of Arjuna must arise! This is the prayer for the next millennium and for the world's deliverance.

In my view, to blindly accept this State-sponsored falsehood is not tolerance or non-violence. It is self-destruction. If we turn away in fear or hesitation and not stand up for what we believe to be true, it is not modesty, but self betrayal. The true leaders and teachers of India, those who are willing to defend at all costs, 'Sanatana Dharma', the religion of Truth and the culture of Universality, must speak out.

Lord Krishna's immortal message to Arjuna on the battle field of Kurukshetra in the Mahabharata is very relevant and should inspire all the Hindus today to be galvanized into action for the defence of Hinduism against the combined onslaught of Secularism and pseudo-secularism, Islam, Christianity, Nehruism, Mecaulayism and Communism:

'Arise Arjuna! Yours is not a battle at one point of time only. It is for all time. It must be fought over and over again, even for eternity. Truth cannot compromise itself with falsehood. Someone has to hold the limit. If not you, who will it be? And what will you say to your children? What will you bequeath to them having surrendered your soul without a struggle?'        

 – Continued

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