Cry for a Hindu Nation – 8

The first Quit India Movement launched by Mahatma Gandhi in August 1942 was directed towards removing the British rule from India. The Congress party under Nehru launched a 'new' Quit India Movement after our independence in 1947. This Movement right from the start had an opposite intent, to embrace Western materialist culture and abandon traditional Hindu culture and spirituality perhaps altogether. Nehru declared his political intention to drive out Hinduism and Sanatana Dharma from India. This movement is very strong in India today, particularly among the so-called modern Hindus, who are largely Western-educated and trained to look at their native tradition with alien values and suspicious eyes. The so called intellectual elite of India takes pride in being in living touch with the latest developments in Western culture, art, science and technology, while remaining blissfully ignorant and unappreciative of traditional Hindu teachings.

Whenever Hindu temples get attacked by the terrorists or Hindus get killed by terrorists, all the Muslim and Christian organizations of India maintain an attitude of stoic indifference and silence. For them treating the Hindus as kafirs and infidels is an article of faith according to the Quran or the Bible as the case may be and that too in our own homeland. Hindus of India are not going to love them any more than they love the Hindus. Love like sex is a two way traffic and cannot be dismissed as a unilateral act of grace or violence. The western educated pseudo-secular men and the pseudo-secular politicians in positions of pelf, power and authority, are not ashamed of inventing labored intellectual and political arguments for strongly supporting the wanton attacks on Sanatana Dharma and Hinduism by alien ideologies represented by the global forces of terrorist Islam and proselytizing Christianity.

Modern Hindus in India get confused and overawed by the tremendous social and economic problems plaguing India today, for which they tend to lay the blame on the Hindu religion. They are showing such poor understanding of well known facts of history which millions of Arjun Singhs and trillions of Marxist, pseudo-secular and anti-Hindu historians can never succeed in stamping out from the pages of authentic history. The might of the government of India and the mightier financial strength of global Islam and proselytizing Christianity can never succeed in burying the cardinal truth about the long travail of struggle, sorrow, suffering undergone by Hinduism and Hindus for more than thousand years under the stranglehold of alien rulers. The spirit of Sanatana Dharma was destroyed over seven hundred years of Islamic Rule from 1000 A.D to 1707 A.D. After that came the British rule which gave finishing touches to the cultural destruction of Hindu India. After 1000 A.D, Hindu rulers have never been in total control of India like the Islamic rulers or British rulers.

After 15 August 1947, India has been ruled only by anti-Hindu Westernized Hindus residing in India. These pseudo-secular rulers have raped Bharath Mata with gay abandon during the last 60 years. Only non-resident Hindus abroad, living apart from their cultural base today, have developed great affection and nostalgia for Hinduism and Sanatana Dharma and their glorious past. This makes traditional Hindu values of family, natural living and spirituality more appealing to them. The UPA government particularly under the influence of all brands and shades of Communism has contempt for these traditional Hindu values. The Damocles Sword of Roman Catholicism and global Islam hangs over the canopy of the UPA government in New Delhi.

David Frawley, better known as Acharya Vamadeva Shastri has written a brilliant book under the title 'Arise Arjuna – Hinduism and the modern world'. In this book he has correctly observed that each country, like each person, has a soul and a destiny. India has lost her soul and its destiny, which is to be a land of religious freedom and spiritual practices. Unless a person lives up to their soul value or Dharma, he or she cannot be successful or happy in life. The same is true of a country. It is not the soul or Dharma of India to become another westernized economic giant, which is not to say that India needs to remain poor. It is not her Dharma to become another Stalin's or Hitler's or Mao-Tse-Tung's alien land. Nor is it her Dharma to adopt an exclusive religious belief like that of one Allah Islam or One God Christianity which claim that all other religions are false, inferior or out of date. Above all, it is not India's Dharma to slavishly imitate the west in culture, mind or religion.

Should not India wake up to her destiny? That destiny beckons us to revive her spiritual culture and share it for the benefit of all mankind. This demands that the intellectual elite of the country desist from denigrating the soul of India in hasty and superficial pseudo-secular attempts to be modern and humanitarian. It calls for a new Hinduism that is capable of shedding the social evils of older Hinduism while maintaining the perennial and greater spiritual basis of the tradition.

The main task before us Hindus today is that we should rescue ourselves from the suicidal stranglehold of the alternative Nation-Perception of Gandhi and Nehru, and awaken national consciousness in ourselves. We have to develop a clear national vision. According to Abhas Chatterjee, such a national vision would mean the following:

  • We Hindus are a Nation, not a religious community. There must be a firm conviction in our minds that our national identity is Hindu. We would declare the name of our nationality to be Hindu, and no other name would be acceptable to us.

  • The distinctive feature of our Nation is Sanatana Dharma. In its myriad forms such as Shakta, Shaiva, Sikh, Buddhist, Jain etc. It is this Dharma which gives us our national identity. We shall not accept any other ideology as a heritage of our country. We cannot regard any alien creed as our own religion.

  • Undivided India or Akhand Bharath is our mother-land. Even though parts of India have seceded today, we do not accept this division. Our goal is to re-unite the whole of our ancestral homeland into our motherland, no matter how long it takes.

  • Hindu culture is our national culture. Hindu society is our national society. Hindu art is our national art. Hindu literature is our national literature. Hindu history is our national history.

  • People subscribing to the theologies of alien religions are minorities in our country. We consider these alien ideologies to be enemies of the nation. Our goal ought to be to bring them back into the mainstream of our national heritage.

  • Sanskrit, mother of all Indian languages, is our national mother tongue.

  • We are still a subjugated and enslaved nation. We are all slaves under the stranglehold of Macaulayism, Nehruism, Secularism, Islam, Christianity and Communism. We have to liberate our motherland from their stranglehold and earn our freedom.

There has been no national consciousness or clarity of national vision among the Hindus. The main reason for this national disaster is the total failure of intellectual awakening among the Hindus as a whole. The fundamental mistake that dogs Hindu perception today is that we are assuming Nehruvians or secularists to be Hindus because of mere accident of their birth, and having entrusted the State power in our homeland to their hands. What Shri Aurobindo rightly asked in 1907 is as relevant today as it was then: Do you think that God has utterly abandoned us and given us up for ever to be a mere convenience for the West, the helots of its commerce, and the feeders of its luxury and pride?

Thinking of Marxists, Nehruvian secularists and all our wicked politicians, I am reminded of the following passage in the Katha Upanishad:

Living in the midst of ignorance, considering themselves to be wise, the deluded wander confused, like the blind led by the blind. The way to truth does not appear to a confused immature mind, deluded by the illusion of wealth (materialism). Thinking that this world alone exists and that there is nothing beyond, they ever return again and again to the net of death.

Is it not high time that the people of India started to heed the words of their ancient sages, even if it meant questioning the so-called modern professors soaked in western learning with no roots in India?

The foremost task before the patriotic and nationalistic Hindus in India today can be summed up in substance: To Secure Our Freedom. As Abhas Chatterjee puts it with the eloquence of a Right Honorable Srinivasa Shastri:

Those who say that we have to establish a Hindu Nation, use wrong words; the correct and exact words ought to be –The Hindu Nation Has To Gain Its Independence. We have to start a new struggle for independence, the Hindu nation has to break the shackles of slavery and earn real freedom. This should be our first national goal. After securing freedom for Sanatana Dharma, we have to set up our own national state – A Hindu Nation-State.    

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