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I've been thinking of sharing....
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These links with you for a long, long time

But I haven't had the time for a long, long time

But as they say, better late than never :-)

So here are these Links for you.

One is this beautiful drawing of Krishti.


I found her sketch really cute :-)

She's not only a good writer, but also a good artist, as is evident by seeing her other poems and sketches.


I wish her success in all her endeavours.

Another article that I and my husband really enjoyed was this one

Gangajal by Dr. Dasgupta


This was such a humorous take on a trying situation he faced in a long queue at the post office.

Hats off to his positive attitude and to his writing skills. Kudos.


And of course, besides his other cartoon that I enjoyed very much


There was this one that really made me laugh :D


Dr. Thommy has a great sense of humour.

Unlike many people on social media, I don't keep 'liking' or commenting on people's posts.

If I really like something or find something interesting, I'll either share it in my twitter feeds to update my newspaper or I'll blog about it.

That's all my sharing for now.

Take care and Stay safe.

L and R,

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