Theme: Caricature


I often find myself
In splits, seeing
Dr. Thommy's
Sketchy bits ;-)

Being a novice in drawing,
I admire his talent of making us
Laugh by making us see the
Funny side of life and love
With his intrepid comic strips

His cartoons make my day
By saying: Hey, wake up sunshine
While the sun shines, make hay
Don't let this day go away....
By not enjoying a laugh today

And so while Dr. Thommy
Is around, let Boloji enjoy
Laughing every day :D

(Dedicated to Dr. Thommy Kodenkandath - I really admire his brush-strokes because I know that seeing my sordid drawing, people might end up having strokes ;-) as unlike Dr. Thommy, my children and husband who are good at high-level drawing, I can somehow manage to make some sort of kindergarten drawing ;-)


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