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The Cosmic Dance – II

Then, in sky rending hue and cry
Gopis repented why Him they defied!!!
In a frantic search they ran around
If beloved Krishana could be found!!!
Gopis roamed through grooves and woods
If somewhere Lord’s footsteps stood!!!
Amazingly they saw two footstep pairs
Beside Lord’s a woman’s steps stare!!!
On this, their jealousy knew no bounds
Privileged one in their flock astounds!!!
They considered her to be fortunate
That she alone with the Lord had date!!!

On the other side,
The Gopi who with the Lord had date
With puffed up pride of being intimate
Instead walking along with the Lord
Aspired to be on shoulders adored.
Lord poses, “Alright, get on my shoulders”
As she tried, the Lord vanished from there.
Thus, came to end her possessive pride
Soon, rest of the Gopis joined by her side.

Wailing she told her tale of woe...
And how her false pride got a blow
On her Lord intense love bestowed
How from honor she stooped so low!!!
Then together all set out to search
Far as moon shine in forest stretch
But when in the pitch dark they plunged
Retrieved as no further their steps flung.

Gopis came to river Kalindi’s bank
On Krishna’s virtues deeply drank
Union with Him their hearts longed
Dedicated Gopis sang a sweet song.
Sweet was the song, pious emotions
The souls submerged in divine ocean
Butter-soft hearted Krishana appeared
Once again for the dance stage prepared.

  • Gopi is a word of Sanskrit origin meaning 'cow-herd girl'. In Hinduism specifically the name gopi is used more commonly to refer to the group of cow herding girls famous within Vaishnava Theology for their unconditional devotion (Bhakti) to Krishna as described in the stories of Bhagavata Purana and other Puranic literatures.
  • One of the Gopis known as Radha holds a place of particularly high reverence and importance in a number of religious traditions, especially within Gaudiya Vaishnavism.
  • Kalindi is another name of river Yamuna passing through Mathura and Vrindravan that was the play field of Lord Krishana's childhood.
  • The sweet song is known as 'Gopi Geet' that the Gopis sang wailing for Krishna singing of His virtues and beseeching Him to come back. 


More By  : Prof. Dr. C. P. Sharma

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