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Acceptance: The Path To Peace
by Erlich Warheit
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  Things aren’t the way they used to be,
Not for him, not for her,
Not for you, nor me.
The world is changing everyday,
In a way more extreme with each new day,
For the better many say, and I admire optimism,
But the truth of it is that a world that thrives off of antagonism,
Can never develop real principles of peace.
At times I find it quite distressing to rise in the morning,
Thinking of how people are abused and criticized,
Without cause, without warning.
I think of how to form this world in a place of peace,
And its something that one cannot do alone,
Many have tried, and died trying.
Dying for peace is not going to bring peace,
Nor is fighting for peace going to bring peace.
Peace will only come when we realize that we don’t have to fight,
To get peace.
Peace comes when the human race realizes that it is a race,
And there is no myriad of races that make it up,
It is only human.
When we see that all of our blood is red,
Seeing we all die,
Seeing we all cry,
We all love our families,
We all want what is best for those we love.
These things we see everyday,
We’ve seen it through each and every battle fought,
As soldiers lay dying for their countries,
Trying to bring peace to themselves and their families.
No matter how I think,
Or how you think,
We are both the same,
We live because we breathe,
Because our hearts, our hearts,
Beat and pump blood through our veins, our veins.
It is not because we are white, black, yellow, or brown,
That we live.
It is not how we think,
How we concoct new inventions every minute of the day,
Though it may make our lives seem better, and only “seem,” better,
That still is not the reason why we live.
Logically, and simply, anyone with intelligence can answer the question,
Of why they are alive at this moment.
We, humans, habitually complicate life,
By saying that we live to make the world better,
To take care of each other,
To love one another,
To save this, to save that,
Indeed, those are all things that make for a peaceable residence,
Upon this earth,
But we can’t truly love each other until we accept the fact,
That we are all related.
Science has proven that we are all related,
But why did we need science to realize that?
We must accept each other.
Accepting one another is not hard,
If we accept each other there would be no killing,
No stealing,
Etcetera, etcetera, etcetera,
Why? Because we would all be trying to understand one another,
Rather than finding a reason to criticize one another,
We would be trying to find ways of helping one another,
Rather than trying to find ways of bringing down one another.
To accept someone will give that someone encouragement,
It will give that someone a feeling of purpose,
And if that feeling of encouragement and purpose is sat before them,
They will pass that same feeling on to others.
However, since we seem to criticize each other for petty reasons,
Totally overlooking those things that really matter,
We instill within others encouragement to retaliate,
And we encourage them to discourage others,
They begin to lie, they cheat, they steal, and ultimately kill.
Some minds are strong, and some are weak,
Some cannot bear the burden of offensive chatter and inhumane jeers.
Just because someone is poor, or wears tattered clothes, or smells a certain way,
Does not necessarily make them a bad person,
Indeed, it is the person who antagonizes those who are in such conditions,
That is the one who is bad,
And the result of his or her ridicule may be death to those who were undeserving,
Of the retaliation that will come around.
We say we know these things,
But we continue to do the opposite anyhow,
And continue on criticizing and jeering those who aren’t as fortunate as we are,
And still have the audacity to complain,
And ask the question,
Why did he or she kill those people?
Why did he or she kill themselves?
They could have gotten help you’ll say,
But maybe they thought you could help and what did you do,
You scoffed at them, and called them this or that,
You might have been a last resort,
And probably could have helped,
But for some reason we choose ridiculing one another over supporting one another.
Are you still asking why?
Where is your intelligence?
Why, ha.
We must come to see that those people too have things they love,
They have things they desire,
They “breathe” and also have blood running through their veins.
That makes them no different than you or I.
The only difference is that they were dealt a bad hand of life at some point.
I must say this, that we must help each other in any way that we can.
Even if we see a wino on the street, or carriers of signs bearing the words,
“will work for food,”
A dime is sufficient enough,
A penny is sufficient enough,
So long as you give something,
With goodness in your heart,
And not evil.
It may hurt you slightly,
But it will probably help him or her a million times more than,
Your pain because of a missing dime or penny from your pocket.
And if we are all believers in Christ as we “claim” to be then,
We will do this without hesitation,
Because in the end it will mean you had a kind heart,
And you thought of others before you thought of what is,
In most cases your own guilty pleasures.
It works, indeed, it does,
If one will simply try, try, to practice it.
But you know,
The truth still is this,
That someone will call me every demeaning and foul word,
Found in the books,
Before they say,
Hmmm, this person has a point.
That is when I ask the question,
The only answer I can come up with is, “this is earth,”
Rather c’est la vie.
Peace may never come to be,
But we can try,
We can make the world better,
We can.
Let people live the way they wish,
Don’t tread upon them because you’ve been told something different,
Because they choose to sit a certain way when they pray to God,
Whether that God is Allah, or Jehovah, or whoever, it is still God,
If we pick up books we will see they are all names for the same God.
Or because their culture involves certain rituals that seem out of the norm,
But if we look closely we do the same thing in our very own ways,
If we just took the time to look,
Before jumping the gun.
Ask them why they think the way they do,
And try to understand them,
And open up your mind,
Everyone should have the right to explain themselves,
Before being called an idiot, or whatever.
I mean if you don’t know a person how can you sit back and judge them,
The quietest guy you ever knew,
And you called him a nerd, a fag, stupid,
And even though he would probably try to be as helpful to those around him as he could,
That would still go unnoticed.
In my opinion that makes you the prick, and the stupid one,
Judging by your actions, you’re selfish, and unfair,
It’s obvious with his kindness, if you notice how helpful he is,
That he would probably be a better friend than those around you,
That you hang around because they are, “so cool,”
Anyhow, I have slightly digressed.
This is guaranteed to help someone,
To help the world.
And the chain reaction,
Just like the chain reaction of the atom bomb,
Just like the hydrogen bomb,
Will not be a chain reaction that takes more and more lives,
But saves and helps more lives.
A love bomb that stimulates others to cherish and love,
And to accept each other,
Rather than a bomb that will leave a city in ruins,
Or leave millions dead,
Or leave grudges between countries,
This is the path to peace, not war.
War is only the path to more war.
Logic, common sense,
War only makes things appear to be settled,
But those who lost are waiting for the opportunity to come again,
To get back for their loss,
In any way that they can,
Or either they hold an unjustifiable grudge those among the victors,
Who had nothing at all to do with their defeat.
Try, live in peace,
And God Bless Us All.
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July 20, 2003
More By: Erlich Warheit
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