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O Fire

O Fire God,
Mankind’s Lord,
Upon the earth
From the sky you board.
You illumine fast,
Purity around you cast.
You emerge from water
As hydro power,
In clashing stones
Your sparkles flower.
You come to the forest
As fierce fire fest,
In drugs you vest
Sweet sour acid jest.

In the process of Yajana*
You are the chief deity,
All through it
You maintain piety.
You maintain Divine Grace,
Its process you trace.
It is your desire,
For it you inspire.
You coordinate at core,
As its supervisor adore.
You are the worshiped
Oblations are to you tipped.

You are the gentlemen’s guide,
All pervading nourisher tried
You are the worshiped
O knowledgeable Fire,
You are the creator In glory attired.
Versatile knowledge From you flows,
So, all genius in you glows.

In you the worshippers
Their glory find,
All their prayers
To you are signed.
You are their friend
You are their fraternity,
You uplift the oppressed
To glory and sanity.
From you all power yield
You are the mankind’s shield.

Born of the Brahama’s* breath,
You infuse life on the earth.
Granary’s width and length,
You are the Marut’s* strength.
You ride over the horses
That run as fast as wind,
You visit the households
Seeking their welfare kind.

You are the nourishing God
You shield him who
Comes to your fold.
To those who invoke you
You provide wealth,
You are the Sun god,
All precious stones
In you dwelleth.

O nourishing Fire,
The owner of all riches,
You are the god
Whom oblation reaches.
You protect him
Who ignites you,
You are in homes
As illumining hue.

O beautiful Fire,
O knowledgeable Fire,
Come here in flames attire.
Lord of the world
Show kindness soon,
You are the giver
Of the billion boons.

Note: Inspired by Rig Veda II/1

*It is not an act of immolation as usually misinterpreted. It is an act of replenishment of elemental forces which man tries to harness to his advantage ignoring the natural balance.

*God of creation, one of the trinity of Indian Gods.

*The power of the wind


More By  : Prof. Dr. C. P. Sharma

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