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Dattatreya Baptized Twenty Four Gurus


First, the earth with mountains and rivers,
Though people dig, tread and set it afire,
It deviates not from the vow of patience,
It feeds and houses them, doesn’t cross fire.

Second, the air that is pure and odorless,
Takes on a while the surrounding smell,
So, a spiritual aspirant should be pristine,
On joys and sorrows he shouldn’t dwell.

Third, the sky maintains its colorless self
At times dusty, dark, bright or blue in look(s)
A sage should be free from fear or favor
To emotional network he shouldn’t hook

Fourth, the fire ever present as latent heat
It burns all its impurities and purifies gold
A sage should reject illusions of the body
And know pure essence of mind and mould

Fifth, one Sun reflects in water vessels many
So the images of self reflect in bodies diverse
The Sun illumines many bodies in Nature
A sage should in light devotee's mind immerse

Sixth, a pigeon pair and chicks in hunter’s snare
Met their end bound to illusive relations’ flair
I learnt not to be caught in web of possession
Lose free will of self, weep and wail in despair.


Seventh, the python, lying in its lurch
Content to eat whatever comes across
He learnt from it to live in contentment
And refrain from the pleasures as dross

Eighth, the sea crosses not beach mark
What if innumerable rivers may join it
He learnt from it not to trespass morality
If the pull and pressure of passions hit

Ninth, the moth dancing around flame
Jumps into its fire to burn itself down
He learnt to fall in the fire of wisdom
So, illusions of ignorance burn down

Tenth, wild tusker duped by cunning humans
Goes to stuffed cow-elephant its fetters finds
He learnt from it to be free from lust
Debased men in sex their fetters find

Eleventh, the ant dauntless, tireless worker
Accumulating food inviting the invaders
Taught him persistence in seeking the truth
Avoid accumulation to keep away raiders

Twelfth, the fish never gives up her home
Greedily swallows the bait to meet doom
He learnt from it to be true to his Self
Avoid tongue taste to be away from tomb

Source: Inspiration from Bhagwat Maha Purana

Note: Dattatreya was an ancient Indian Sage.


More By  : Prof. Dr. C. P. Sharma

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