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The Non-Celebrity Status!


I am safe and peaceful
I am not a celebrity
Am enjoying my non-celebrity status;
I can marry any within or without borders;
I can have as many affairs without attracting the
Attention of the multi-media sharks or moral police.


I am not a politician
Acquiring authority and opportunity to amass money
Assets movable and immovable in plenty
And ignore with immunity and impunity
The service to the citizens;
The patriotic but feeble voices which condemn this disservice
Miss the service politician doing to one’s family, kith and kin
Subvert democracy, intra-party and in functioning as a whole
And such accusations and realities cannot touch me;
I am a non-celebrity.

I am not a big corporate
Managing my own inherited business
Starting charities to avoid tax but
Building palatial houses on which helicopters can land;
I need not hide anything and I do not have anything
I am a non-celebrity.


I am not a celebrated poet or novelist
To berate and criticize fellow writers and poets
Whose creation cannot earn even a single pie!
But are peaceful with their “achievements”;
I am one such non-celebrity.


I am not a CEO in a big book-publishing company
Only for flirting and two kisses with colleague
To lose my job and reputation
And love and affection of my spouse
I am just a non-celebrity without any “reputation”


Am not part of dream merchants’ business
To sponsor all and sundry products
Anchor shows and rule the hearts of millions
With my looks, fashion dresses or even by scant cladding
I only but not advertise
I am a non-celebrity.


More By  : Dr. Varanasi Ramabrahmam

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