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Holi - A Festival of Colors


Giridhari* in Holi's playful mood
Charming color patterns exudes,
With divine music on his flute
To happy drum beats, joyous hoots,
joined by Braj* ladies cute.

All around with his hands
Saffron and sandal he strewed,
Handfuls of red rose powder
on his beloved he threw,

In the air fragrance flows,
Singing in Char Dhamar*
Clapping hands the joy bestows.
Dark complexioned, the honeycomb,
Playing, the color clouds zoom

There in Braj, you see love plume
In honey and nectar, divinity blooms
Meera* feels the beloved bliss
In Mohan's company and soulful kiss.

Source: One of the songs of Meera rendered into English not literally but in spirit.

*Holi festival has a mythology behind it but it is widely known as the festival of colors.

*Lord Krishna, know by several names such as Giridhari, Mohan, Kanhayya, Shyam, etc.

*The place where Lord Krishana was brought up.

*A variant of Dhrupad Dhamar Raga in Indian musical tradition.

*A princess from Rajasthan spiritually wedded to Lord Krishna who sang songs of her love with Him.


More By  : Prof. Dr. C. P. Sharma

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