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All Embracing Poetry!

What kind of poetry does engage all complete?
Only love between man and woman in romance?
Only beauty of Nature in all its splendour forever?
Only philosophic ideas enriched in poems ever?
Only journalism, philosophy and poem altogether?
Only spiritual ideas of God or Universe in a new way?

So many questions crop up every day to find one
Poetry that will absorb all forever and enrich mind!
Have anyone discovered such poetry so far...?

Divinity present in Nature kindling romance of
Love of high state of mind perhaps may do so ever!
Comprising of all ingredients I try often to create
Poetry of an irresistible kind for all to consume ever!
Journalism, philosophy and poem in one I feel better!



More By  :  T. A. Ramesh

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Comments on this Poem

Comment Poets are Lovers of Freedom!
Poets are lovers of freedom and wish to fly high with ideas in their styles
That supersede and transcend earlier forms, styles and so on ever sure;
Like birds that sing naturally sans any training by teachers they write poems
That flow direct from their hearts to amuse and inspire all with zeal high!
No fixed laws and regulations stop their outburst of ideas that touch all
Using words in common man's language of conversation like artists and musicians
Do with their painting brushes and musical instruments flying as they wish
Like skylarks and nightingales naturally singing songs for their hearts’ content!
With words as brush, trumpet and weapon to inspire or amuse or wage wars
Free Poets weave poems in plenty sans any restrictions and go ahead high ever;
Amusement, inspiration, enlightenment, encouragement and guidance poets make to
Individuals and societies all over the world to achieve unity, love and peace sure!
Poets are not only using imagination but also doing criticisms in writing poems
With the same age old words as wine in new bottles of Poetry for all subjects!

T A Ramesh
09-May-2021 11:52 AM

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