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Friday The Thirteenth!

It all emerged from Silence, the wise say
If Silence and Darkness
were enough, and final –
then – Why did it at all have to emerge, (so?)

They come gently, once in a while,
but often not so ...
Why this disparity
are they really messengers?
Or even night watchmen that yell
"Jagtey Raho"
in the middle of our peaceful slumber,
lest we drift away from the reality of clear and present danger!
Just when Ravijee's soothing refrain,
or Lorena or Enya cooing our souls into
a state of peace, equilibrium and love...
but as we turned sleepily with a smile on our soul's face
the ugly crash sounded in our sleepy ears
the Eagle had landed!
NO – this time, it is the Eagle's land that got hurt.
One finds always some "good" reason for each misdeed that occurs in our world
Perhaps not morals but the reasoning that is at fault
Perhaps reason does rule the heart in the cold world today
Perhaps so much that even the heart that misses a beat ...
when an infant cries, not even an infant its own ...
can steel itself to kill thousands
who are infants no more, (though sometimes they are)
but who once were and now the parents must live on
to mourn the death of their memories on swings,
tear-filled eyes as they lift their finger up to show us the "boo-boo!"
All the pain that many-a-hug removed
they made us feel so powerful
as smiling wisely and understandingly we hugged them tight
almost knowing in our hearts and soul that we will make them feel good
and felt so close to being God or Divine at least for the moment.
Suddenly we must face the coffin that contains that very body
that we once were able to heal with one long hug.
If only it could hug us back, today ...
and reassure us that this experience is but a nightmare
that no threat, no drama, no accident, no animosity
ever existed ...
that the Universe is full of love and not desperate hatred
real, imagined, necessary or unnecessary and so final.
Just a lump that will go away, as soon as we change the channel
the clouds of dust, suffocating hundreds
will go away, never to rise again
if we could only wake-up!
If only we all could wake-up!!


More By  :  Rohini Ranjan

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