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Extent of Privacy

I know a girl close to two and a half decades.
Staying in the same locality
a lot of information just floats the social air
to reach the ears.

Hello, how do you do is the usual refrain.
Some occasions prompt a little more interaction.
So a bit more information is acquired.
Very innocuous questions really.
After all men are not inert objects.
The girl is single.
Has startingly good looks.
Very sharp.
But bitesome and prickly in interactions.
Very unnerving for any man.

One late evening, after a long time,
when I met her on my way home,
I asked some courteous questions,
not so much to know really,
but more in the nature of bonhomie.

One question too many,
and I asked who cooks her meal.
She was offended and told me curtly
I was being intrusive.
I apologised profusely
and assured her 
that my question was innocuous.

But, to tell the truth,
I was rather upset.
I could not decide
how far can privacy go!

Is it therefore preferable
that how do you do
should be essentially
showing each other's backs!


More By  :  Sharbaaniranjan Kundu

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