Theme: Nostalgia


We four of us,
Young mothers
with all our babies sleeping in one room,
We were young mothers
and willing to try any thing,
There is some hash,
lets smoke
and we did
and coughed and laughed
and pretended
to be high.
We saw blue movies on the projector and giggled,
We were friends but would not discuss our sex life.
We lunched and drank sparkling red wine
clanked our glasses to
Drive the spirits away.

We were friends for life.

Today I with all my hair gone with chemotherapy and breasts cut
Wearing clothes to hide my flat chest.
And waiting for death.
But my monthly cheque arrives,
My children are good that way,
They don't have time to visit me
but they look after my monetary needs.

My friend in an old age home
put in by her children whom I had loved and
played with for hours.
When I had tickled them as babies and they gurgled with laughter
did I imagine
that there was just pure evil under the laughter?

One is dead, far away from us,
and the other with Alzheimer,
living in her own world.

Did we dream of this future?
When we sat in an air-conditioned restaurant!
And sunlight had pored in through the bay window,
and we had laughed and eaten pasta with sun dried tomatoes,
Out feet pedicured with blood red nail polish.
Like everything else
we had shared the bottle of nail polish that day!


More By  :  Annu Chopra

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