Theme: Materialism

Consumerist Society

Whenever I see an advertisement of a watch
and there are aplenty these days
in an economy
that is opening up to the world economy
I feel strangely numb.
I feel like owning one of those
but I immediately realise
a fake necessity has been created
by advertisement tricks
like larger than life depiction of a watch,
using a celebrity as a brand ambassador,
glitz, and many more pomos things.
Truly, it is not grapes are sour syndrome.
There is a sinking feeling.
Even ghastly designs are paraded
as fashion happenings.
So when the world takes a turn from bad to worse
I understand, we are all responsible
by being party willy nilly
to shameless or helpless human specimens
(whatever suits your understanding and judgement)
who out to eke out a living for them
just go on creating false demands.
How long will this consumerist society survive?


More By  :  Sharbaaniranjan Kundu

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