Theme: Peace

A Solution for World Peace!

Nuclear arms race has started with the end of World War II;
Nagasaki, Hiroshima showed devastation power of N bombs
And then on Stock piling of Nuclear weapons go on nonstop
NPT and CTBT talks of world nations have achieved nothing!

Communism and capitalism continued competition in all fields;
The world was divided into two power blocs supporting them;
Tradition and modernity divided many everywhere in the world;
Like Nazism and fascism communism and socialism played then!

From each according to his capacity, to each according to need
And dictatorship of the proletariat of Communist slogans failed!
Communism failed and capitalism won everywhere in the world;
Rich-poor divide increased the gap between many nations then!

Creation of new society and new world of Socialism too failed!
Due to rivalries the fight is between democracy and dictatorship;
Due to lack of reforms, backwardness of some religions is there
That provokes war between terrorism and civilization here now!

World War on Terrorism continues like a protracted guerilla war
That is doing great havocs as in Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan
In some form or other in a multiplied manner in many countries
Like Pakistan, Kashmir, India, Sri Lanka, Sudan and Africa ever!

Not only Communism and capitalism and tradition and modernity
But also democracy and dictatorship and terrorism and civilisation
Perpetuate wars in the world making world peace a distant dream
Due to sharing of natural resources and distribution of land for all!

Right, might, status quo, supremacy are the causes of wars;
Poverty, inequality, ignorance are also the causes for wars;
Droughts, lack of natural resources also lead to many wars;
Rivalry due to religions, regions and races also lead to wars!

Socio-economic progress with world class education is needed
In South America, Africa, India, Asia and the Middle East world.
Infrastructural developments to provide connectivity is a must
That provides facilities to invest in on agro or fishing industries.

Preserving ecology, empowering women and self help facilities
In some nations have transformed social security towards peace.
Settlements of disputes through negotiations brought peace
Among nations too by the mediation of peace loving leaders!

Peace, unity, brotherhood and love help maintain coexistence;
International culture develops thereby based on friendship too!
By such developments one world too can be created for peace
Adopting one language, one currency and common laws for all!


More By  :  T. A. Ramesh

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