Friendship: A Recipe

A huge big pot of welcome
two ladles full of love
one tablespoon of caring
and one likewise of sharing.

A pinch or two of 'spice'
two lumps of real happiness
few drops of empathy;
oodles of overflowing honesty.

Then stir into it well
the batter sweet of softness,
with a hint or two of genuine concern.

Heat this mixture then lovingly
with true warmth straight from the heart
keep it stirring, never letting it settle.

Never taking it for granted
lest some of it gets claimed
and consumed by the fire
of passion, that burns threateningly close.

Keep spooning off the scum
of pride and frothing bitterness,
of jealousy and vanity,
mistrust and pettiness.

The potion of passion volatile
so easy to conjure,
eyes, some heart, lot of lust
yearning and some daring!

Friendship though is so different
no wonder it's hard at first
those hours and hours of selfless caring
and sharing with someone you truly love.

Trials and tribulations of karma hurt indeed!
Once, though, the pot is cooked and ready,
O' friend O' beloved, we're then set
for eons and eons of lasting eternity!


More By  :  Rohan Khanna

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