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Examination of Life

Howling entry, milestone after other, first step forward Babble, baby talk quickly fades time for three Rs… visual - aural sessions with anxious parents interrogation by stern, smiling strangers, mimicking jargon entry into temple of learning!

Soon, abstract concepts, numbers and games Lingo, science, social studies Environmental science, value education - written evaluation, values by rote?

Men and women who ruled the past their abodes, culture, food and clothes connect with something or someone unknown brain storming or stormed brain?

Entrance tests and competitive examinations coaching classes after tough toil at school No moment to watch the sun rise or set, admire spring blossoms with associates too shop talk, seldom Facebook or SMS short-lived respite at college, away from prying parents, before long, Placement!

Employment eligibility tag for matrimony Fair, accomplished, qualified…Hunky dory for while secure job, fine family with material prosperity once progeny arrive, rat race commences……Examination after other with resultant brickbats, bouquets, battered bodies and minds

Any benchmark to assess success or failure in life’s school?


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