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From Octopus to Oyster

Since once I sat upon a promontory
And looked around to the earth,
To my horror and to my surprise
Octopuses on land, it wasn't mirth.

These deadly creatures
Though not really octopuses
Like ordinary men they walk'd and talk'd
Their nefarious designs fully exposed.

The gangsters and scamsters hand in glove
Roamed the corridors of power
The law makers and the law breakers
Who sat in the ivory towers?

Disguised as leaders of masses
They plunder the nation at will
They're the law unto themselves
Who allow the passage of every bill?

These religious fanatics
Who spread the communal hatred
The self proclaimed representatives of God
To whom nothing infact is sacred.

Their lust for money, with wine and honey
Has brought the nation ignominy and shame
These vultures and wolves in sheep's clothing
Are ever busy in their vicious game.

But trapped among these sucker Octopuses
I can also visualize Oysters on land
These wise and noble and gentle souls
Whose tribe is now a dwindling clan?

These enlightened men, the lustrous gems
Shall fight and turn the tide
The corrupt and the rogues will run
But no place to hide

Hope is there
And hope sustains life
The Truth shall triumph
With peace around and no strife.

Octopuses will again sink to the bottom
And hide their faces in the dark depths
Oysters will bloat and merrily float
The last laugh of the mysterious adept.


More By  :  Kamal Gulati

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