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Ahimsa: A Path of Love Sneha

Ahimsa is all embracing love,
Sneha meaning love
Which flows and keeps flowing!
Like a never ending stream,
From the eternal river,
Pouring out the elixir of love,
Love that gushes out unreservedly,
From each cell of the body,
Through each pore of the skin,
From the depths of the heart,
Spreading its aroma,
Into the wide Universe!

Ahimsa is all embracing love,
Love ' that goes on and on,
Not like a sentence,
Punctuated with commas, colons
And full stops!
Nay! Not like a long sentence either,
Which goes on into paragraphs,
Pages and paperbacks!
Like an eternal Bible,
That delivers the sermons,
Sprinkling its message,
Into every corner of the world!

Ahimsa is all embracing love,
Love that does not confine nor is confined,
To any shape size or structure,
Not a square, rectangle or triangle,
It is not like a street
Ending in a narrow lane,
Or like a one-way street with a blind end.
It is not a box that can be shut and locked,
Kept safe and secure in a bank locker.
Love-that is ahimsa is like a open blue sky,
Where thousands of stars twinkle and smile
Brightly and beautifully, at the same time!

Ahimsa is all embracing love
Like the love of Gopis for their beloved Krishna '
These Gopis ' the cowherd damsels of Vrindavana
Filled their hearts with the sweet strains
Of the magical flute ' the spontaneous love,
Pure and unalloyed,
Singing with a honeyed voice,
Dancing with a languishing grace,
Breathing with a lingering whisper,
Flitting through the mundane affairs,
Yet, frolicking with the divine flute player
Drunken profusely with nectar of divine love!
It was Krishna the flute player everywhere
Nothing else mattered or existed,
Content, happy, no grievances, no complaints!
Only the sound of flute, a divine ecstasy!
All surrendered unto Him ' the supreme Lord.
No more wishes, no more wandering thoughts,
Only Bhakti ' the path of divine love,
The pure Atma merging with the purest Paramatma!

Ahimsa is all embracing love
Like the love of Jalaluddin Rumi for his God
And the wandering mystic Shams Tabriz!
Rumi's bond of intense emotion
Transformed and transmitted him
Into the realm of spiritual splendor!
Rumi's fantastic work of exquisite poetry
Of love- God and man-and the unity behind
La'illaha il Allahu ' There is no reality other than God '
That sowed the seeds of love,
Pouring and converting the words of fragrance
Into exquisite lyrics of unimaginable joy!
The words of wisdom travelled like a wild wind,
From east to west, north to south
Purifying the souls that loved,
Leaving behind a heritage of love,
For the entire generation of the Sufis!
Rumi says: 'Be drunken in love for love is all that matters,
Loved and lover will survive eternity,
Do not attach to anything but love.'

Ahimsa is all embracing love,
Love that is complete and fulfilled!
A part of the world starves,
Not of poverty alone,
Like in Africa and India!
The world suffers,
Not just of food for the hungry,
Or of roof for the unsheltered,
Not even a rag for the unclothed,
But the world suffers and cries
Due to starvation of love!
Physical apathy is remediable.
But, what of the great apartheid?
That many countries suffer from '
The apartheid of love!

Ahimsa is all embracing love,
Love that is not a slave
To the senses!
Eyes searching for the feast of love,
Ears straining for the sweet melody of love,
Nose seeking the fragrance of love,
Lips spelling the magic of love,
Fingers softening for the touch of love,
The five sensitive organs play
A wonderful game of love!
This love, a peripheral merriment,
Of sensual love, of self indulgence,
Is not the love, which ahimsa seeks!

Ahimsa is all embracing love
That should emerge from deep within
Limitless and infinite!
Without barriers,
Without boundaries,
With no tall orders,
With no terse rules,
Without any expectations,
And without any rewards!
Ahimsa is love that has to be shared,
Ahimsa is love that has to be poured,
Ahimsa is love that should be spread,
Continuously and graciously,
Generously and universally,
Into the wide, wide world!


More By  :  Geeta Radhakrishna

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