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Global Communication Architect of Human Rights

Dawn of civilization revealed the necessity of foods,

Clothes and shelter to make life easy-

And reminded us the crucial roles

Of human communications to keep our lives busy!

Through the progress of humanity, changes

Have been made to achieve the various needs-

Irrespective of the obstacles or hardship,

Scientific discovery sowed the technology seeds!

Progress of humanity via communication technology

Has been a cornerstone over the years-

But still it reminds us the poorest millions

Who are excluded to communicate and living in fears!

The potential for better human understanding

Is directly linked with global communication rights-

And this need is as basic to the mankind as the architect

For peace with a future bathed in lights!

In an effort to bring the scattered human race together,

Speedy and unbroken communication is the key-

'Cause it will reduce any misunderstanding

That often leads to war from desert sands to shining sea!

So as we are entering the "information age",

We must create a shared vision for the human race-

And bridge the digital divide to accelerate progress

While putting a smile on the poorest face!

Unfortunately, the village dwellers of developing nations

Are still unconnected to the rest of the Earth-

And are totally excluded from basic human rights

To communicate, for poverty since their birth!

So the alleviation of hunger and disease may promote

The need for modern technology tool-

To bring the hapless villagers into information society

Through its decorated gateways so wonderful!

On this "digital era", or "information age", let us find

Innovative ways for our prosperity to share-

While promoting the local culture in the local language

With a cultural heritage to touch or stare!

"H-Ray Vision" tells the communication society that we

Need to build must be open and pluralistic in nature-

And allow the humanity to have access to the knowledge

And information for a display of caricature!

Remember, ubiquity of advanced information and

Communication technologies will create the indelible link-

And galvanize a sustainable world with the strong

Foundation of peace for the mankind to sink!!


More By  :  Hillol Ray

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