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Global Compact: A Delicate Balance

Over the past several decades, more and more

New challenges are boggling our mind-

From environmental degradation to drug trafficking,

And spread of AIDS, as we seem to find!

These challenges have a global dimension

And responsibility to show that we do care-

While we strive to build trust with confidence

In our global village and preach where we go from here!

In an age of interdependence, global citizenship

Is a crucial pillar to justify progress and our need-

Through the formation of an inclusive, responsive,

And effective system that will carry the success seed!

Shared responsibility should lie at heart

To set and share any specific goals-

While the attempts to galvanize politics and policy-making

Will move on to display other roles!

Organizational culture and planned change

May sound like jargons to some with a skeptical view-

Still be assured that these are so handy tools

To deal any problems for political review!

Frustrations may bottle up with soul-searching efforts

To carry out the global compact mission-

But the floodgates will open in the long run,

As soon as we create the sense of unity with a clear vision!

With the passage of era, I am convinced that openness

Is the emerging hallmark of our time-

But we need to make it work against

The narrow concepts of the national paradigm!

Countries and peoples might retreat behind protectionism,

Or reject global citizenship to avoid the change-

And this will cause the blow of death

To our interdependent world from a close range!

Developing nations have heard a lot about free

And fair trade, but seen far too little of it-

And they are eager to know if their products

Will have an equal footing on global price list!

Unfortunately that footing is currently denied

Through the impositions of tariffs on their goods-

While subsidies are given to their competitors

In richer countries, based on politicians' moods!

Issues on debt relief, investment, and corruption

Are also the timely and appropriate factors-

To the developed and developing nations,

And reach a common understanding among various actors!

Respective responsibilities in pursuit of balanced

And equitable developments are also a must-

To construct the foundations of economic growth

And safeguard our resources against the human lust!

Ecosystems for the succeeding generations

Should have a bearing on this global compact issue-

In an attempt to reduce the ecological footprints

On the planet and protect the salient tissue!

As a cheerleader of the global village, may I urge you

To forge the partnership better-

And move forward beyond the politics of confrontations

To reap the benefits later!

Solutions to poverty, environmental degradations,

And other challenges should take priority now-

While the business communities will conduct

Their businesses on a global scale via technical know-how!

I am confident, human well being can be

Dramatically advanced by an open market share-

'Cause open markets and human well being

Can walk hand in hand without a stare!

But, at times, I am worried by a severe imbalance

In global rule-making for sure-

And it may affect human rights or the environment,

And all the consequences they have to endure!

Global compact has already set the indelible marks

By promoting the importance of universal glue-

Of business potentials in developing nations,

And embrace the brotherhood without a clue!

Still the achievements so far are not enough,

And I urge global leaders and businesses to continue-

To enact their spheres of influence, and stitch

The human family with color and hue!

Together, we must move from value to values, and from

Shareholders to stakeholders to bring solutions within reach-

And renew our approach from a delicate balance sheet

To a balanced government with a fresher look to teach!!


More By  :  Hillol Ray

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