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A Young Star

by Mandira Ghosh
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The pathfinder loses his path
In midst of the Milky Way
He is unable to decipher the codes.

A dying star refuses to die
Refuses to turn into a Black Hole.
Dies with his own weight
Reaches our own Chandrasekhar limit.

Did the planets roam around it?
Did it possess satellites of its own?
Tired, but stimulating
Devoted loves?

Death allows to create once again
A negative eternity moving towards positive.
A new star, a new love
Everything has its own time and luck.

Time getting older than even sun’s memory
A billions years from now or then

A young star has taken birth in a new galaxy!
A planet moves once again around him,
So dedicatedly revolves around him
Morning, afternoon, evening or night
Just like our own earth, our own world.

Rays again fall today
Over cuckoo’s nests
Hyena’s dens
Invoking death
Inserting hope
Heralding the onset of spring once again.
Heralding the onset of the timely monsoon over golden fields
Over the ersatz homes of the Siberian cranes.

Ten billion light years from now
A star has taken birth in a young nursery.
Just now.

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