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I Wouldn't Take a Dive

I walk with a cane, disabled is how I've been rendered.
My prizefighting career is over, I cannot be a contender.
Even though some crooks insisted, I wouldn't take a dive.
If the police hadn't come along, I wouldn't even be alive.

Those criminals broke my ribs and shattered my knee caps.
They were going to make damn certain that I took a dirt nap.
I still have nightmares because of what happened to me.
I refused to take that dive because of my integrity.

Not being able to become a champion really hurts a lot.
If you're wondering if I regret not taking that dive, I do not.
I'm happy that those crooks are in jail, I'm not forgiving.
And I'm extremely grateful to the police to be living.

I can't fight anymore but I still have a whole lot to gain.
I met a fighter and he's a man who I intend to train.
Those crooks ended my career but they couldn't keep me down.
I intend to make the best of my life while I am around.

(This is a fictional poem.)


More By  :  Randy Johnson

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