Theme: Love

All for a Sandwich

Like a green caterpillar
Trying to hide its identity
By balancing itself on a stem
Between two green leaves
Hoping that no one would notice it
Likewise she parked herself between
Two large croton bushes
Whose lemon and brown leaves
Seemed to perfectly match the colors
Of her earth colored once floral dress
She took immense care to avoid
Any rustling of the leaves
Lest she draws unwanted attention
Then soundlessly she lowered herself
Onto the ground and sat down
Unwrapped a packet of sandwiches
And devoured them very hungrily
All this he watched from quite a distance
Without her noticing his presence
Wondering why she had to hide
And eat what must have been her lunch
It was not long before he had an answer
A little boy appeared from nowhere
Crying loudly that his lunch box
Was empty and that he was hungry
The young man walked quietly from behind
Meaning to catch her red-handed
But he was shocked into silence
She lay there in a heap almost motionless
With a half eaten sandwich on the ground
The earth colored dress that he had seen
Was but a well worn dirty blouse and skirt
She had probably not eaten for days
And in her hurry to finish the stolen meal
She had probably choked on the bread –
He stood there unable to suppress the tears
Another life gone in vain
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More By  :  Sandra Martyres

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