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He Ascended into Heaven

Fulfilled, completed all He had to do,
Accomplished Mission,- our Savior went
Before His awe inspired little crew,
To heaven high in glorious Ascent.

By His own power, from Mount Olivet,
He paced the cloud and danced with buoyancy,
Disciples watched entranced, - but comforted.
That soon they would again each other see.

Their Lord, -  His human nature glorified
Stood in resplendence high upon the cloud,
His garments shining, luminous and bright,
His countenance and body shone and glowed.

Lo! Enoch was transported to high space,-
Elijah, borne upon a chariot
But He who did reflect the Father’s face
By His own power's virtue went to God.

Since rising from death, full forty days
Had passed, and it was time for Him to go,
His work was done,  and planted seeds of grace,
Their turn had come to make the harvest grow.

They were to witness His Ascension high
And afterwards to promulgate His word,
Thus the disciples overawed stood by
To witness the Ascension of their Lord.

He leaped and danced, - Lord of Dance is He,
Lord of the cosmic dance to be adored,
Who over death and tomb won victory,
Sing joyfully to the Ascending Lord !

By His own might and power the glory-bound
In triumph lifted Himself to the skies,
To the celestial trumpets mighty sound
And shouts of jubilance in paradise.

To sit at Father's Right in majesty,
Surpassing highest hosts of seraphim,
This King of Glory – but humanity
He carried in His wounds along with Him.

Mark 16 19-20
Acts 16-10
Feast of the Ascension of our Lord - May 17th


More By  :  Elizabeth Dandy

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