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Ways of the World

Systems usually do not have intrinsic problems.
Actually some persons misuse the systems
and then, the systems get bad names.

Be it the caste system of society,
be it the dowry system of marriage,
or the appraisal system in offices!

Societies run on skill.
Availability of skill decides remuneration.
But when exploitation is the motive
and the tool is religious mumbo-jumbo,
caste system gets a bad name.

Dowry is the system of wealth distribution
amongst children by their parents,
but when bridegroom's family is not well meaning
and they convert the pious act of marriage
into wealth apportioning
dowry gets a bad name.

Annual appraisal is a person's contrbution
in office growth.
But when annual appraisal in offices
is converted into acts of sycophancy
extracting undeserving grades,
annual appraisal gets a bad name.

But such are the ways of men.
Some people will surely subvert systems.

No point lamenting...
One has to keep eyes and ears open
and fight the corrupt all the time
and see that one is not bruised in the process.

No point becoming a martyr.                


More By  :  Sharbaaniranjan Kundu

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