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A small village
amid deserts of Rajasthan
surrounded by low hills
for hundreds of years.

Village was silently
going with its destiny.
For the sake of metropolitan,
state installs many windmills
on the top of its hills
where once cattle grazed
and every inch of the land
they caressed,
they loved the hills
coz hills were their lifeline.

After installation no one was
allowed to go behind the high fence
where small girls like
Rupa - Takhta - Bhaani
had been collecting 'KER'
and sweet wild 'BER'

The valley used to echo with
their chatter and laughter
small boys like Kanu and Bhamu
are not allowed to get in
to enjoy the post-rain cheers
by collecting mushrooms
and play with red velvet-spiders

Windmills' demoniac arms deny
anyone's entry
they are busy
generating power for
urban intellect.

Earthen oil lamps
burning dimly in niches
smiling sarcastically
at the destiny of the village
hills still invite villagers
with open arms but
compelled eyes could
only look at them
from a distance....!

KER = A fruit of a xerophyte used as a vegetable when it is unripe.

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More By  :  Bharat Mehru

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