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Some run for money others for fame,
Means may be unfair, but it's all in the game.
But there is a thing for which we pray,
only if you are lucky it comes your way.
It is something that money cannot buy,
No matter how much we try.
An inner feeling having no meaning,
still each one of us craving for that thing.
It has no definition, neither a measure,
Imagine, what a priceless treasure.
Noble deeds and sacrificing nature,
Happiness resides in the heart of such a character.
It acts as a massage for strained legs;
Usually appears after long lasting sad days.
Attaining it is easier said;
History says this road has no end.
Best felt when times are bad,
even a tinge of it makes us glad.

Wants and happiness go against each other,
if the first is there the other will disappear.
Love is usually felt for others,
Happiness is a self-enjoyment process, which has no borders.
Most of the feelings can be expressed,
but 'happiness' cannot be given a vent.
A rare occasion in a mortal's life,
that tide of happiness, is on his side.

A sincere wish from me to all,
Let days of happiness become tall.
Sadness and Troubles cover a minor portion,
Let happiness take over your life's possession.


More By  :  Subhajit Sarkar

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