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The Woes of a Forward Looking State

This State of Indian Federation
was run by Governments of political parties
who would claim
they were for the downtrodden,
the landless and the labour.

The jingoism took many lives,
resulted in closure of enterprises
(at least the middle classes thought so),
work culture was shattered
and the whole society
became selfish and cynic.

But when they just started to think
about other sections of society,
their power was usurped.

People have this rabid crave
for recognition and singular name.
So the next Government
just goes on bestowing
all kinds of titles,
revives the names of stalwarts
of the past.

There is some kind of settlement of scores.
The lock gates open,
water gushes forward.

The State then gets almost the worst summer ever.
When the death toll crosses the hundred mark,
the leader of the Government
takes steps to ameliorate people's sufferings.

You need a century mark
like in cricket,
the banal craze of an aspiring nation,
to swing into action!

Where was the able minister,
who has an excellent track record
all through his political career?

Shall the woes of this State of the Indian Federation,
which many boast thinks ahead,
never end?


More By  :  Sharbaaniranjan Kundu

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