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God's Aquarium


I love to eat fish, relish more on fish fry

With pakhal at lunch on Sunday summer
For such a day, my son killed a big fish
Of my aquarium; shocked, I slapped him severely.

So deadly blind to the liveliness on store,
How can a child be so hungry of insane taste?
I was baffled to discover the pitiless behavior;
Won’t he drink away all my blood in future?

My wife disputed my apprehension
Like an Indian mother, beat her forehead
Cried 'my child!, my child!’ making a rain of utensils
Like mother like son, I was left all alone.

I had time to sit in silence. Then my mother came
To add "Stupid!  You love your aquarium so dearly
But have you ever cared for God’s aquarium?
No slapping, you need to be thrashed thoroughly."

*PAKHAL - water rice, a delicious dish of Odiyas.

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More By  :  Prafulla Sahu

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