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D-Day: Operation Overlord Anniversary

In Remembrance of the 68th anniversary of the battle of Normandy and liberation of Europe.

D-Day is here, D-Day! - Judgment Day!
“Americans have landed on the ground,”
The mothers wake up in the dark and pray
and listen to the F furious breakers’ sound.

Small children are awakened: “Gretchen! Hans!
The parents whisper, holding tight their hands,
“Americans have landed and advance
They have arrived - and soon will cover France.”

“Let’s pray to God on high they will succeed!
For Normandy is strongly fortified,
Who knows what the Almighty has decreed,
But daybreak will expose them to the light"

It's dark, but armies have a way to spread,
They come in little boats and come in swarms,
By unseen and supernal forces led,
That launch them forth from overpowering arms...

A loitering beach bum saw them nearing jump off-board,
Big ships into the raging German sea,
Plop! plop! - it's Operation Overlord!
Sent out by God to set all Europe free.

They come, advance, but lo! no flack,- how strange!
They duck, crawl, leap off-board relentlessly,
To soon take step-by-step the soil of France,
But may do battle first in Normandy.
Dunkirk is burning, - so the neighbors say,
Odd footprints mark their dreary beaches' sand,
And Berlin is in utter disarray,
The day of reckoning seems round the bend.

D-Day has dawned, at last - when monsters shall
Pay the high price for their monstrosity,
Through Operation Overlord when hell
Holds jaws agape to suck up infamy.

Praise the Almighty Lord in one accord
Who uses soldiers as His instrument
In awesome Operation Overlord
To save the European Continent.

Bow to the hero soldiers that set free
sixty eight years ago, as they do now,
Redeeming nations from foul tyranny
And sacrifice their lives,- bow low, bow low!

The Lord is with them 'mongst the fireballs,
While they the monsters and the ghouls defy,
Despite some sated frowning Cardinals
'Cause soldiers are the apple of His eye.

May they be blessed, forever, highly blessed
For sacrifice supreme in battle hot,
Our soldiers are this nation's pride and best,
They move and touch the very heart of God.

June 6th 1944 Invasion of Normandy
Anniversary of D-day - Operation Overlord.


More By  :  Elizabeth Dandy

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