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Monotheism and Modernity

If there are two things
pitched against each other like ancient foes,
monotheism and modernity must fill these shoes;
as they do, in human beings.
Faith in the One and True
is indomitable in its ability to survive all trials,
failures especially, each trial down to Satan's wiles
whose promises are untrue.
Modernity has its successes
which its excesses don't depreciate in the slightest,
its prospect is considered brightest,
its shrines are businesses.
Sometimes a happy logic
makes one the sleeping partner of the other, in belief,
who wears his One True on his sleeve
to work the magic.
Sometimes the logic works
that only the One True must be expressed
in the faithful's life, modernity must be repressed
in its trends and quirks.
Monotheism is a religion
of desert dwellers, to follow it is to become one;
modernity is idol worship done
well, whose following is legion.
But look more closely:
modernity effects a higher lifestyle, despite its ‘lies’;
monotheism, essentially unliveable, life denies,
unless lived morosely.
Christ saw this paradox
and clarified monotheism to a concept of Fatherhood:
a Father who loves us as his children in brotherhood
the riddle unlocks.
Now God is One,
but as a father loves his children, He lets us find the way
of living with each other, in love appoints the day
this will be done.
Forget those two at odds,
monotheism and modernity, they mingle like old friends:
a loving Father sustains both, his Spirit blends
modernity and God.


More By  :  R. D. Ashby

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