Theme: Absence

Happy Day, Mother Earth

Light-years beyond the clouds, beyond the oblivion,
Amidst the dark silence of void and space, far away,
Immeasurably remote, there, beyond the Milky Way,
Young new stars, being born in the marvel of creation.

Is it not the Horsehead nebula, over yonder?
In its glory, full of color and exploding life.
Is it the Crab nebula, in tumultuous strife?
In the glorious celestial nursery of wonder.

Billions of years of creation and destruction in the universe
Billions of stars and galaxies floating in the stardust
Yet, on Earth abounds - life and death, decay and rust,
Much malevolence and virtue, some good and some perverse,

Here are creatures; primates, humans, and gods,
Nowhere else, but only in this elite planet Earth,
Gifted to us by the gods, for life, verve, and birth.
As the human saga unfolds, Brahma sits and nods.

Here on earth, from the cradle to the grave,
There is sorrow, from the first cry of the newborn,
Until the final episode, and journey into the unknown,
The final fate, of the timid as well as the brave.

Squander this opportunity given to us, so glorious,
By the ‘big bang’ or by Brahma, that doyen of creators?
Verdant lands, placid oceans, docile creatures, and predators.
A turquoise planet amidst cosmic dust, so amorphous.

A gift of the gods, to be received with gratitude,
But, our courage is lacking, and morality has ebbed.
An irreverence to mother Earth, much neglected,
Ravaging and polluting, and with acts of moral turpitude.

Our time here may be limited, and our virtues are few,
Yet, for us, there’s time to love, respect and care,
Time enough to be forthright, be kind, and to share,
With aptitude for change, there’s time enough to start anew.

Kudos to Mother Earth, mother of all mothers, on this happy mother’s day.
Our gratitude to you, for your benevolence, patience, and tolerance,
For your understanding, compassion, resiliency and forbearance.
We promise not to defile you, or pollute, if you can please show us the way.


More By  : Dr. Neria H. Hebbar

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