Theme: Philosophy

The Philosophy of Resignation

Was it not Shankaracharya,
who said: None belongs to you,
neither your wife, nor your ward?
Was it not Raj Kapoor,
Who said in one of his films:
The world is a circus?
And Indian wisdom says:
Walk along, walk along.
However scientists may make efforts,
I assert: it is impossible for mankind
to say assertively,
how the Universe was created,
how life forms came about,
whither will these go.
Intelligence may yield some knowledge,
But intelligence will ever be a mystery.
Humans too are destined to be extinct
not because of their physical size, like dinosaurs,
but because of their large ego.
So, one moment I flex my intellectual muscle,
the next I turn myself into a dust spec,
for I have seen highs and lows.
I just try to logicize philosophies
And from time to time
I just leave things to time
to resolve.                   


More By  :  Sharbaaniranjan Kundu

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