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God - The Watchmaker?

The watchmaker argument for God the Creator
of the intricate structures of Nature
holds good only in faith.
Without faith, for one, there is
no evidence of God,
such as can make the structures of Nature
'works' of His 'hands', there being
no process, as in the case of the watchmaker,
of assembly of parts, as can discern
the workings of God in person; for another,
since God is attributed with designing
the structure, say, of a cell,
how, with that same attention,
is the cell made to die and disintegrate?

In the story of the Creation by God,
readily accepted by those with faith,
there is only the positive aspect
of things being formed, of light, sun and moon,
of plants, animals, fish and man,
but none of the virtual de-creation
of these formed things, which is witnessed
in death and decay. For if God
is present in the meticulous design, say, of a leaf
or an insect's wing, where is God
when these things die and disintegrate?
Is God to be attributed to 'positive' creation only?
This is unreasonable, since the things created
must, therefore, be designed
in disintegration and decay.

How is it then that believers in God
can rightfully proclaim God as the Creator,
the watchmaker, of all things,
when all things, in that same Creative hand,
apparently fail in disintegration and decay?
It obviously indicates a bias in the believer
to give only credit to the Creator, and turn
a blind eye to the ephemeral nature
of that created, even as the work of His hands.

Call it the function of faith, which only
deals with the Creation as reflecting
the indestructibility and eternal life of God:
In such a view, even the ephemeral
positive works of the Creation are seen
as manifestations of the life of God,
for that reason can only be created by God.
Thus, the argument bypasses
what concerns science most:
The manufacturing link between God the Creator
and the Creation, which cannot be found,
and is thus rejected out of hand.


More By  :  R. D. Ashby

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