Theme: Society


The more I witness politics,
I am appalled.
The more I learn about human history,
ditto same.

The more I witness humans,
in workplace, in the neighbourhood,
in associations,
even in friends' circles,
I get surprised, negatively.

The more I reflect on my life,
and my family,
there is no end to my confusion.

Life is such a non-understandable phenomenon!
And the most confusing thing in human life is woman!
Writers and artists have extolled no end about women.
But slowly I am reaching the conclusion
that men are the hopeless of the two sexes.
They do not know how to handle women,
they do not know how to handle affairs of the society,
they do not know how to handle the polity.

Humans claim that they are the best species.
But I find they are the worst species on earth.
Mean, conceited, greedy, immoral,
unethical, brute and destructive.
While other species get extinct for extraneous reasons,
be sure, humans will commit suicide.


More By  :  Sharbaaniranjan Kundu

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