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by Sharbaaniranjan Kundu
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The lady is so blindly partial towards her father
that she is prone to overlook details
of her father's actions.

Her father gave her elder daughter
the best part of the house,
the portion her father resides in.
He gave her younger daughter
the worst portion of the house,
partly occupied by his elder son,
partly what he puts up on rent.

Some built-up portions he gave to his sons.
Part his sons constructed during his lifetime.

The lady was inclined to her elder brother
who is a simpleton but acts clever
and is a foul-mouth imprudent.

The lady's elder sister and the younger brother
are clever manipulators
and are close to each other since childhood.

The lady was imprudent too,
probably at the behest of her father
or just pampering.

The elder son had the habit of blabbering;
but he needed him for his comfort
and household errands and work.

The younger son kept away,
busy in his socialising
for his profession as a contractor.
He hardly deserved to be a professor's son.

The lady's father needed her
as a confidante,
for his wife was deaf.

Drama unfolded
when the lady's father passed away.

The two brothers started acting in a fashion
which hinted
that the siblings would split up
sooner than later.

The lady's purported claim
of her father being exceptional
would face testing time
after his passing away.

Time-tested stereotyped social systems
are so difficult to break!


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