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Hanuman Chalisa


*** [COUPLETS] ***

I am praising the quality and fame, 
Of the great Hindu Lord—Hanuman; 
By making holy my heart and brain, 
With blessings of Guruji—a Divine Man.

O Pawanputra! My body & brain are weak—you know, 
So give me the physical power; 
And a divine brain & useful knowledge, 
And destroy all my sorrows & fear.

*** [STANZAS] ***

Jai Hanuman—the ocean of knowledge & divine quality, 
In the whole universe—your name is present everywhere; 
None is stronger than you on the earth, 
You are the lord of the divine physical power.

O, most brave and strongest God! 
You are helpful in inspiring the good ideas; 
In the heart of your blessed followers, 
By making them divine & destroying their bad ideas.

All the wealth is yours & everyone worships you, 
You are the embodiment of God Shankar; 
You are always excited for doing the work
Of Shri Ram & you are a great scholar.

You always enjoy listening to the characteristic, 
Of God Ram & He lives in your heart; 
You burnt Ravan's Golden Lanka, 
And killed the evils by making your body—broad.

You brought Sanjivani & made Lakshman alive, 
Then Shri Ram hugged you with full affection; 
And said that you were dear to him
Like Bharat & would be in every situation.

Sugriv met with Ram & got
His kingdom with your help; 
Everyone knows that Vibhishan followed you, 
And became the king of Lanka—himself.

The Sun—who is very far from the earth, 
You considered Him as red fruit & swallowed; 
And kept the ring of Shri Ram in your mouth, 
And crossed the grand sea—braveness—you showed.

All difficult work seems easy to you, 
All bad spirits run away, when they hear your name; 
When you roar, whole universe trembles with fear, 
Even God Ram praises your name and fame.

Goddess Sita gave you the power by which
You could remove anyone's distress; 
Tulsidas and Vikas are your true followers, 
So, please live in their heart always! 

*** [COUPLET] ***

O Pawanputra! You can solve all problems, 
You have a divine and beautiful face; 
Please live in my heart with God Shri Ram, 
And also with Ma Sita & Lakshman—always
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More By  :  Vikas Tripathi

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